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Personal Goal Paper

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Personal Goals Paper:

Jorge Lujan's Personal Goals as a University of Phoenix Student

The University of Phoenix (UOP) offers many academic challenges that once viewed will open the door to many new and exciting goals to be achieved. These new goals vary in areas from academic skills, group interaction skills and the ability to put theory into practice. Achievement of these skills makes me a sellable employee and student in today's challenging job market and upper learning institutions.

I would like to start by saying, achieving my Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice is a short-term goal. My long-term educational aspirations include achieving a Masters in Criminal Justice and a Ph.D in Criminology. I don't believe UOP offers a Masters in Criminal Justice but I'm confident that UOP's style of learning will assist my educational goals wherever I may go. I'm taking advantage of any academic edge at UOP is offering me so that it may assist me in my academic and employment goals.

The accomplishment of receiving a Bachelors degree from UOP offers new challenges (future goals) that I realize are going to be expected from future employers and professors. Looking outside the box, most employers know what type of student the UOP offers them. They are looking for an employee with strong academic skills that can transfer theory into practice to resolve their work place issues. They also want employees with group interaction skills so they may confront and resolve the issues they are facing in today's diverse social and economic society.

The academic skills I'm focusing on are writing skills and the way I retain new information via new technology. These I believe are key elements that one must have in order to be successful academically and in the work place that is consonantly revolutionizing itself. Today's employers require that the employee take on new methods for writing that are consonantally changing with technology.

I was very successful in factual writing at the police academy but writing academically is something I want to accomplish to a very high standard. The Netflex program is looking very promising in this area. The consent demands to replies in workgroups has already challenged me to learn new skills and modify my current abilities in writing to adapt this new technology.

Nexflex gives me the ability to develop a method of adapting old skills and into new ones that will assist with future employment and educational organizations as they transform with technology too. Nexflex is also integrating academic skills and group interaction skills as learning teams test real life practical experiences with academic knowledge. The concept of learning teams is loaded with many other skills



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