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Joseph Biggins

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Joseph Biggins was born at the Davis General Hospital, August the 9th, 1989.

His father, a military man, his mother - a nurse - both forces combined together to give Joseph a fairly stable upbringing, however, still definitely made worse by the area he lived. See, the professions of his parents were good, well paying jobs, however much to Joseph's parents dismay, they always found that as well paying as the jobs were, they were never really well paying enough to be able to justify purchasing a new house, or even having enough to pay a mortgage that they'd have to take out in order to purchase a new house.

So, they stuck to life in Davis. Or, more accurately, they stuck to life in and around Carson Avenue, just off of Chamberlain Hills, near Strawberry. As aforementioned, Joseph lived a reasonably stable home life. Sure, his parents might have argued from time to time, whether it be over living conditions, their relationship in general or just about money, they certainly were the type to get a bit scary when they fought. However, luckily for Joseph, he found the fights to be somewhat of a less common occurrence.

As for Joseph's growing up, he went to Davis High School for the majority of his adolescent years. He never quite found himself to be the type to fit into any social group. He wasn't really ever going to be a 'gangbanger', because he just knew instinctively that that life wasn't for him. He had friends who certainly associated with that lifestyle, but he was never interested.

Granted, as Joseph was surrounded by Families sets in and around Carson and Chamberlain Hills, one could argue that he'd probably be pressured into joining a set. But, truth be told, he never was. He just drifted through High School with decent grades, generally trying to stay out of trouble. Now, he's looking to get out of Davis - and hopefully bring his parents with him. What will the future hold for Joseph?



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