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Is Technology Ruining Our Lives?

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Essay Preview: Is Technology Ruining Our Lives?

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Have you ever considered how the world would have been now without technology? Technology has helped the world at large in a very positive way. “Technology is the use of scientific Knowledge to solve a problem.” (Ramey,2012) Technology is the backbone of society and we cannot do without it. We use it in our everyday lives, from the schools, to the hospitals and many other sectors. With all these positive sides that technology has, it has many adverse effects as well. Many people say technology has a negative influence on society while others think otherwise, to the latter, it has solved many problems and it has more benefits than disadvantages.


To begin, the most important contribution of technology is to the medical sector. Technological Innovation has made it possible to treat diseases which were once considered fatal. The most viral headway is the ability to get a patient’s information with just the push of a button. This reduces the stress of looking through multiple folders just to get information. Technology has also rendered ancient modes of communication such as the telegraph, obsolete. Even though telegraphs were quite quick to reach their destination, they were rather expensive and hence, a person had to be brief when sending one to avoid overspending money. The telephone was invented almost a century ago and it has improved communication drastically. When they were first invented, telephones were quite rare and one was fortunate to even experience the use of one. “The invention of cellphones, fax machines, videoconferencing hardware and PCs have improved communication radically”. (Referencecom, 2016).

A school of thought agrees that technology is indeed ruining our lives by making human labor obsolete in some companies thereby rendering people jobless, since some machines can do the work of a hundred men.


Furthermore, technology also plays a vital role in the healthcare field. Looking at the progress and recent developments, it’s not difficult to agree that technology indeed saves lives. Graduates of health informatics will no doubt research and medications permit medical doctors to utilize new apparatuses and find new and imaginative approaches to practice prescription into what’s to come. (Uicedu,2016).

Another benefit of technology to healthcare is that it is easier to document a list of diseases and their causes and symptoms in a database which is easily accessible for other doctors in other parts of the world. Others believe that technology is ruining our lives because humans tend to be lazy due to their overdependence on technology and become useless and ineffective due to unavailability of technology, this sort of reliance on technology puts humans at a big disadvantage, since it makes them less confident.

Technology has improved various sectors such as education both for the teacher and the student. Teachers can easily find questions for students on the internet whiles also gaining knowledge on their respective fields, and students can easily do research online without having to go to the library and carrying big books. Thus, rendering most libraries with hardcopy books obsolete. Most libraries have incorporated technology in addition to the books, thus giving people the full experience of both worlds. Even Agriculture has been computerized and “technologified”. Tractors and sprayers and other farm equipment have been provided and they make farming easier and reduce the stress of farming.


Technology encourages innovation and creativity, since technology is testing, it starts the mind to work to its maximum capacity (Karehka Ramey,2012). In recent times, people have their businesses online and they don’t need to leave the house to go to their respective jobs. Technology has also brought about online universities which enable people to earn a degree online instead of going to the traditional universities. Technology has also made traveling very easy. Since the airplane. People have been able to get to their destinations faster and can get anywhere around the world in 24 hours. Technology has also improved the security industry drastically with the provision of fingerprint scanners and easy identification systems which have reduced crime rates since the past days. Technology has also improved the psychological center with the engineering of some drugs which battle mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, depression and anxiety. It can be argued that in this era of technological advancement, crime rates have been higher due to robberies with better equipment or cybercrimes, but technologies have also been created to combat these very phenomena.


(Greengarageblogadmin, 2015) Also, improving education is a huge issue (and dependably has been). With the advancements in technology, teachers no longer have to be present in the classrooms, students can now do their own learning on the internet with the multitude of knowledge. They also get different views from different teachers. Granted, it can be asked, “Wouldn’t that make both the teachers and students lazy?” -That may seem true, but I believe that this could be a good thing rather than bad because it’s always better to get a second opinion on things and they get that diversity on the internet. According to Greengarageblogadmin, the cost of textbooks will decrease because the books can easily be accessed online.



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