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How to Ruin Your Internet Dating

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Essay Preview: How to Ruin Your Internet Dating

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Internet dating sites are becoming hugely popular in these bustling times, and places like Yahoo! Personals and are boasting that 25% of relationships are now started on internet dating sites like themselves. This is great news for some folks, but it got me wondering if there isn't a reason some of these folks can't seem to meet people in real-life. Maybe there are some things about a few of these people that are just a little "off" and that's the reason they have trouble finding the special someone. These are a few things that may make people stop and say, "Hey wait minute...", when they are scanning your profile. A few red flags like these could cost you your chance at eternal happiness.

The screen name or profile has "princess" in it

Sometimes a screen name is just a screen name; women just fall back on the old standard when devising a pseudonym for their profile. But other times it should serve as a warning that this young lady may be a little high maintenance. "I want a man who will treat me like the princess I am..." Well, that a wonderful thought (and may happen), but a lot of profiles such as this show a woman with unreasonable expectations. Sure, you want to shoot for the stars and be unequivocally happy in your relationship, but having your profile read like you're looking for a life straight out of a Shakespearean play is a little much. Sure, most women would want daily back rubs on a yacht, someone that looks like Brad Pitt, a person with time and cash to spend every waking hour pampering them with wine and roses, but this is real life. That sounds like a lot of work for someone I've never even met before and shows some serious reasons to potential suitors on why you aren't currently in a relationship. Actually it screams from the mountain tops, "I'm unbelievably high maintenance and nothing you will do will ever be enough!" Most people should just shoot for having someone to laugh, love and share their life with. And hey, maybe you get some of those things you were looking for in the process.

My favorite book is "insert weird or offensive choice here"

Letting your potential suitor know that your favorite book as a child was Curious George or I used to love reading Dr. Seuss when I was little are nice little tidbits



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