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Event Management

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MGMT104 Event Management assignment 1

Common Wealth game Assignment

Edward Diekman S00234771

Lecturer: Syed Ahmed

Executive Summary

This report provides an overview of the commonwealth games and significance of the event to the host city of the Gold Coast Australia and about the impact the games have on the local community, business, tourism and the government. The information and results were resulted from a nine-year period from the data the Gold coast won the bid to host the 2018 Commonwealth games.

The main information found from the report are

  •  During the nine years it took the state of Queensland to prepare for the 2018 Gold coast Commonwealth games, the gross state product was estimated to increase to $2 billion job and employment to increase by 16,440 citizens getting fulltime work.

  • The Games will allow tourism to grow, as the games will entice around 673,000 guest who are here just for the games, which will predict to contribute around $300 million in tourism spending, while also promoting the city as tourist destination as the event will create an extra 460,000 tourist over the nine period from 2011-2018.
  • The Event will cost taxpayers an average of $293,000 per athlete for the event to feed, accommodate and provided transport and medical services while they are competing in the 2-week event.

The report gives readers an understanding on the bidding process that occurs when wanting to host the commonwealth games and that there are many different stages and requirement that need to be met when wanting to host the event. The report shows us the two final candidates to host the 2018 commonwealth games were Hambantota, Sri Lanka and the Gold Coast, Australia, with the gold coast winning the bid 43 votes to 27.

The games will introduce new environmentally friendly initiatives with the goal to be the to most environmentally friendly commonwealth games to data, as they are introducing three key sustainability pillars that will be followed.

  1. Source Responsibly
  2. Manage our impacts
  3. Inspire inclusive and engage the communities

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  1. Background and operations

2a. Background of event and justification of event

2b. The Bidding Process

2c. The main operational process of the event

  • Sporting Venue
  • Commonwealth Games Village
  • Security
  • Accommodation
  • Transport
  • Media  

  1.  Economic Impact

3a. Financial Perspective

3b. Social Perspective

3c. Environmental Perspective

  1. Conclusion



The purpose of this analytical paper was to complete in-depth research focusing on the common wealth games, which is an event that occurs every four years with the purpose to bring all countries apart of the British commonwealth together to compete in a range of sporting activities. This event is a replica of the Olympics game which also occur every four years. Hosting the commonwealth games provides the hosting city with prestige within the commonwealth, as well as proving economic, social and cultural gains, it is crucial that business adapt to the changes that will occur during this time to ensure they receive the greatest benefits that the common wealth games can present (Carlini And O’Neil 2018)


  1. Background and operations
  1. Background of the event and justification

The commonwealth games are an event that has been taken place every four years since 1930 with the first games being held in Hamilton, Canada in 1930 and the most recent games being held on the gold coast, Australia in 2018. The event is one of the largest sporting competitions in the world behind the like of other events like the Olympics (which has very similar characteristic to the commonwealth game) and the FIFA soccer world cup. The commonwealth is made up of 2 billion people and cover 30% of the worlds population coming from 53 participating countries apart of the commonwealth. The overall aim of the commonwealth games “Is to improve the social cultural relationship and promotion of democracy and human rights, between participating countries” (Team, 2018).  Each hosting country interprets their own culture into the games as a celebration of the hosting countries heritage. in the most recent Commonwealth games held on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia, A mascot called Borobi was chosen which means koala in the native language off the Yugambeh the traditional owners of the gold coast. This mascot was chosen to celebrate the history behind the area of the gold coast while also paying respect the Yugambeh People.

  1. The Bidding Process

The bidding process for the Commonwealth games is long procedure consisting of a series of deadlines and certain requirements to be completed.

For 2018 commonwealth games on the 31st of the march 2010 candidate cities had to notify the Commonwealth games federation (CGF), while shortly after being required to pay a non-refundable “Candidature fee” of $60,000 to the CFG. After this non-refundable fee was paid a meeting of all cities that wanted to be considered to host the games was held in London, this is where countries would propose to the CGF why the games should be held in their respected country. Over the next year the CFG would hold different meeting to discuss the candidates and decided on a smaller list of countries to be considered, in 2018 the final two countries/cities were “the gold coast, Australia” and “Hambantota, Sri Lanka” these two cities were both assessed with the CFG creating and publishing evaluation report on both cities. On November 11th in 2011 the bid election was completed in “Basseterre the capital city of Saint Kitts and Nevis” were the Gold cost won the election 43 votes to 27 votes beating Hambantota, Sri Lanka for the right to hold the 2018 Commonwealth games. (Commonwealth games federation,2009)



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