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Creative Writing

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ENG 111

Creative writing



Friday night.

It has been two months since Sam left her country for studying abroad. The excitement and eagerness she initially brought here, to this new country, seem not to be lessened through time. Sam is decorating her room's door for the Fall Festival, which is going to be held tomorrow at her school. "It must be a terrific fun-filled day"- Sam is thinking, with a blissful smile on her lip. She is a fun-lover, definitely! Turning on the music, she sings "Fly me to the moon" - her favorite song - with an obviously joyful face. Putting colors and ornaments on the door, she can't help letting her mind wander "Which games am I gonna join tomorrow? How should I dress? What time is the dancing performance?".... so on and so on.

The phone rang, at a usual time every day, but suddenly enough to wake her up from the seem-to-be-endless chain of thoughts.

"Hi Mom!"- she picks up the phone and says instantly with such a delightful voice, even without greeting in a polite way like "Hello, Sam's speaking" as she was taught. Just because she knows that's her most favorite call: her parents' call.

"Well, Mom, I can't wait longer to say this to you. Tomorrow should be my wonderful day. I'm waiting for it for soooo long. Can you imagine? We're gonna have a lot of fun, of dancing, of games, of food, of activities, so on and so forth. I'm so excited! Wow, how can I sleep tonight? Let me tell you...."

"Sam!" - her Mom suddenly cuts her off in mid-sentence - "Listen to me!"

Sam has no idea what is going on. Her Mom has never been like that. She's always the most enthusiastic person listening to her, no matter how silly things are in Sam's stories.

"I know you are so excited now, but I need to tell you this first, Sam" - her Mom's voice changes in an unusual way that really makes Sam worried. She intuits something bad happening. Vaguely, Sam feels tears somewhere in her Mom's words.

"Mom, what happens?" - worryingly, Sam can't wait anymore to figure things out.

"Your granddaddy..." - her Mom strangles - "He has just passed away... this morning... because of heart disease... Everything came so fast, Sam...Yesterday, I still talked on phone with him...I just can't imagine, can't imagine..." - her Mom can't hold her tears any longer. She bursts out crying, in her beloved daughter's



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