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Creative Writing - Beach Holiday

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Essay Preview: Creative Writing - Beach Holiday

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So here I am walking down to the beach on one hot blazing day, must be another beautiful day in Laguna. I have lived here since I was about three years old and from what I can remember there have been have been no signs what so ever about sharks, shark nets and shark attacks being here.

I see lots of beach huts with their own distinctive shapes and smell about them. The sea is water is so clear it is blue, pure blue. I have not seen anything like this in all the time I have lived here. There are also lots of people of all different shapes and sizes and most of them are out in the fresh sea water.

I can hear many different sounds like seagulls squawking and lots of people laughing, screaming and shouting with so much excitement. I can feel the golden yellow sand brushing against my feet with every sand grain hitting my leg. I found out how cold the sea is the hard way when she accidentally splashed me.

Around me there are lots of children digging holes burying themselves and making sand castles with moats going around the outside of the sand castles.

As I look in to the horizon I can see lots of families playing with lidos, rubber rings also I can see a bunch of collage girls and boys often referred to as jocks playing a big game of water polo to me it looks like it is boys against girls.

In the distance I can see my friend who is meeting me here her name is Kyndra she is quite tall about five feet eleven inches she also has long golden blond hair. Today she is wearing and blue headband with a beaded pattern with a cross on it since she loves crosses and another obvious reason is that she is Christian, she is sixteen years old and also wearing a bathing suit with a blue top over it and a pair of blue and white denim jeans. Also in the distance I can see my ex-best friend Jessica, she has alienated me ever since I have got closer to Kyndra since she used to date a guy named Cameron and Kyndra went out with him. She has brown air down to her shoulders with blonde highlights, hazel eyes, about five feet five inches with a black denim jacket on with navy blue jeans, her hair is in a messy bun with chopsticks though it.

"Over here" I shouted to get Kyndra's attention.

As she turned around, that is when I know she had seen me since she started running like crazy.

She was carrying a wicker basket she opened it and in it was a bunch of vegetarian sandwiches and a two litre bottle of Dr.Pepper, underneath she pulled out the biggest beach towel I have ever seen when she rolled it out I could see the multi-coloured pattern on the towel, when I sat down of the towel I felt like I was sitting on cloud nine since it was so soft.

Then we got in to a conversation on how we went to see our mate chase play in a rock concert, we exchanged our views.

"So what did you think of the concert last night?" I asked

"It was so fun and cool I hope they get a record deal since they haven't got one yet" Kyndra replied.

I looked up to see then beautiful blue sky, I only looked up for about a second and within that second all the clouds joined together and went as grey as cement. Then the wind started to pick up and blowing Kyndra's hair all over the place, then it sped up to at least sixty miles per hour, it was so strange because no one noticed anything about the wind or the colour of the sky.

Next thing I knew, Kyndra was gone, and I searched straight head and saw her enter the water. .I saw something come out the water, I thought I was having hallucinations but then I figured out that what was happening



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