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Creative Writing Assigmnet

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The door to the motel room slammed shut, shaking the walls. "Mother. Mother where are you? God damn it. You get out here right now. I've not finished with you yet mother!" Norman screamed. He stormed through the hotel room. "Come out come out where ever you are." Norman lifted the cover on the edge of the bed, and ducked down to look under it. "Mother, I know you're here somewhere. I'm going to find you!" In the bathroom Maude hid, cowering behind a shower curtain. With every one of her son's shouts she curled tighter and tighter into a ball. She pulled the shower curtain all the way around the tub, in a vain attempt to hide. She had no idea why she chose the bathroom; she just ran straight in there. "Mommy dearest. Oh mommy." Norman slowly opened the door to the bathroom. "One, two, Norman's coming for you." He walked over to the bath and slowly pulled back the shower curtain. "Hello mother. Why are you hiding? I've got something for you." Maude whimpered with fear as the last rays of the sun glinted off the blade in Norman's hand.



"You ok there mum?" Anthony asked.

"I'm fine sweetheart. Now stop worrying about me and keep your eyes on the road." Jane replied. "Want some music on mum?" Anthony inquired.

"No darling. Let's just talk. Tell me more about your fiancÐ"©e." She said.

"Well you're going to love her. She's funny, outgoing, compassionate, and beautiful. And I adore her. She makes me smile. She keeps me happy. I've never met anyone like her in my whole life." He smiled as he talked. "She sounds great. So tell me how you two met."

"It's strange actually. I saw her for the first time in the lift in our office building, but I never talked to her. Then it was my turn to fetch the sandwiches from the local shop. I gave my order and turned around to sit down. As I did I bumped into someone and said sorry. It was then I heard it, her voice. It's like honey or silk. I looked up and there she was. We sat together waiting for our sandwiches. It turns out that her offices are on the floor above ours. We walked back together and I didn't want to say goodbye. We justÐ'... clicked. I don't know how else to describe it. As the lift approached my floor I decided to risk everything and ask her out on a date. She said yes and we've never looked back. She the one. I know it."

Jane smiled and said "In the end that's how it was for your father and I. We just knew. Alison sounds great. I'm sure I'll love her and that we'll get on very well. Unless you think I'm one of those frightening mother in law types?" they both laughed. Anthony and his mother shared a close relationship, although not in the oedipal sense, nor were they dependent upon one another. They just enjoyed each other's company. They fought, but then who doesn't fight with their parents? But Anthony and Jane's fights were never vicious and never lasted long. Anthony was happy with his life. As he drove along he thought about how well everything was going. He couldn't wait for his mother to meet Alison. Although he had talked to them both about the other they had never actually met in person. This was due to the fact that his mother had been abroad for the past year. They hadn't even conversed much as due to constantly moving, Jane phone calls were infrequent and short, answered by Anthony. He was glad that his mother was home now and going to live near them. He'd missed her, but travelling was always something his mother had always wanted to do. He looked over at her and smiled. "Anthony, it's getting late. Are we going to be driving all night or are we stopping somewhere?" Jane asked him. Anthony looked out at the road and thought deeply for a moment. "Well, by my reckoning," he said, "we've got about another six hours to go."

"Anthony, dear, it's half ten already. Are you really going to keep on driving through the night?"

"I did actually discuss this with Alison and we agreed that if it got to late it would be sensible of me to rest somewhere, so she knows not to expect me home. It's really up to you I don't mind." He said. Jane considered the options, then yawned loudly. "I guess, if it's really up to meÐ'... I'd rather we stopped somewhere. It's just that am rather tired. I think it's jet-lag. Travelling is fun but it sure does knock you for six when you come home."

"Ok, no problem. We'll just head for the nearest B&B." With that he too yawned, as if his body was in agreement with his decision. "Until we find somewhere, talk to me mum, keep me awake." His mother smiled again and asked "So what story do you want this time?" Anthony pretended to be lost in thought and they laughed, but in reality it was a hard choice. His mother was a cornucopia of stories, each more fascinating and funny than the last. "Tell me about the first time you met dad and how you ended up marrying him. I like this one a lot."

"Ok. When I was younger I used to help out at the local youth club. One week the DJ brought a friend along - it was your father."

"And when you saw him it was love at first sight?" Laughter filled the car.

"You know it wasn't. Quite the opposite. I thought he was arrogant, opinionated and far too full of himself. But then one night he offered me a lift home. I hesitated for a while, I'd seen him drive, but then it was better than waiting for the bus, so I accepted. We started talking and I found that beneath that irritating faÐ"§ade lay a good man. Then I just knew. Your dad was the one for me all my life. I never once regret accepting that lift from him." Jane's eyes misted with tears. No matter how long it had been, it still hurt to remember that Will wasn't there for her any more. Anthony reached out and held his mother's hand. Even without seeing her he knew she was distressed. His mother squeezed his hand and smiled. "Ignore the tears of a sentimental old fool. Anyway where is this B&B



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