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Creative Writing 10-05

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Standing out like white paint on a black wall, a small group of zebras are surrounded by a massive group of wildebeests on an extensive African plain. There is a large tree near by and is the only one is sight. The zebras move under it to rest and get out of the mid-day heat. The huge group of wildebeests seems to engulf the Zebras, and if it wasn't for their white stripes, they would be consumed by the overwhelming brown and black of their horned counterparts. After their rest, they begin to move along on their yearly migration to where the grass is always greener and the water more clear. It is a long journey from the plains to the river fed jungle, but it is well worth the effort. Silently, secretly, a group of lions are stalking the zebras, hoping they leave the safety of the heard so they can launch their attack and have the meal they have wanted for the last few days. They wait by the river for a zebra, but are wary of the crocodiles that lurk in the muddy waters. Their patients pays off, a large, healthy looking zebra make its way out of the heard and down to the river. They execute their plan with a deadly swiftness and drag the carcass off under a tree to feast on their trophy kill. After a few hours the lions' bellies are full and they are napping under a tree. The remaining meat saved for another day. To their surprise, a crocodile had ripped off a large chunk and was scurrying off to the river as they awoke. The heard moved up stream a ways to munch on the foliage there, but being satisfied with yesterdays kill, the lions paid little attention and continued sleeping. Just another day on the plains.



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