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Career Development Plan

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Career goals and objectives

* To gain skills and knowledge in Business Management specializing in Human Resource

* To increase my understanding of what employer are interested in when hiring the most qualified applicants to fulfill positions within various organizational structures.

Possible promotional opportunities for career growth

While employed with Home Depot Direct (YOW), some possible opportunities for career growth would be to join the Leadership Program. While in the leadership program, I can gain hands-on experience of the management staff at YOW. After completing the Leadership Program, I will be able to move into various management positions because of the experience. Being that Home Depot Direct has many locations including the retail Home Depot stores, I can always move into a Human Resource position within one of the locations, or remain at YOW, if the opportunity in Human Resource position becomes available.

An inventory of current skills, abilities, training, and education

* Customer Service experience - 8 years

* Assistant Manager Retail Department store - 2 years

* Lead Manager at call center - 1 year

Job satisfaction attributes

I am satisfied with my current employer because of the experience in meeting new people. The daily routine is not always the same therefore the flexibility in the schedules are very refreshing. Moving into a human resource recruiter position with the same employer will be my ultimate career move because the company is established and believes in their employees.

Identification of three action steps to reaching stated career goals and objectives

1. Obtain educational requirements - complete bachelors and masters degree in Business Management

2. Obtain professional requirements - join Leadership Program to obtain additional management experience.

3. Obtain hands-on experience requirement- working as an entry level Human Resource employee.




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