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Career Information Matrix Project/career Development

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Essay Preview: Career Information Matrix Project/career Development

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Career Information Matrix Project/Career Development

While conducting this project, I learned a variety of things about the career that I want to pursue, my interests, values, skills and abilities, and my multiple intelligences. All of these individual components all tied in with what I want to do in my occupation and what I want out of working in my occupation.

The first component in my career matrix was my interests. My Holland's Code was A.C.E. This is an acronym for Artistic, Conventional, and Enterprising. The "A" in the A.C.E means that I am very creative with my ideas, have a great imagination, and very complicated. All the above apply to me because they are all true. The SDS report suggested jobs such as composers, musicians, and stage directors. I can do those jobs, and they do interest me, but I do not want to major in any of those particular fields. I might minor in music, create and compose music as a hobby, or in my pastime. The next letter which is "C", rather describes me, but not to the fullest extent. Conventional jobs suggested were bookkeeper, financial analysts, and bankers. I cannot see myself doing any of the above jobs except for a financial analyst because I was going to major in business, and I still not sure, but I still have time to decide. The last letter is "E". Enterprising does describe me because I like to have leadership positions and I do have public speaking skills. The suggested jobs include buyers, business executives, and supervisors. I could see myself being a business executive and a supervisor, so the "E" in my code describes me also. The SDS Report was used to see if my interests coincided with the occupation that I want to pursue. When I received my results, the recommended jobs given would be hobbies that I would do, but not any jobs that I would want to pursue.

The next part of the matrix is my top four values. My first value is my working environment. This means that I want an environment that is positive, pleasant, and relaxing. My next value is creativity. Creativity is important to me because I like to express myself in everything that I do. I also like to do this in many different ways. Being creative and original make me feel unique and extraordinary from everyone else. Another one of my values is my work ethic. This is evident because I like to work hard. I believe that putting in work makes you feel more confident in yourself and just knowing that you achieved even the hardest battle. My last and final value is assisting others. I love to help others in anyway that I can. People always ask me to help them work schoolwork that I am persistent in or with personal issues that they might be going through. All of the above are truly my top four values because they all describe how I feel and how I want my job to be set up. Also, the jobs that were suggested are secretarial work, which I can do easily, but I do not want that to be my major nor my aspiring career. Another job suggested was a musician. This is the creative drive in me. I love anything pertaining to music because I get to express myself through music.

My skills and abilities coincide with my interests, but one component that did not show up on my SDS report that is included in my skills and interests. That is the "R" in my C.S.R. The "C" is conventional; the same as in the SDS report, on here; it shows that I am precise, accurate, attentive to details, and task oriented. I am very precise because I like things to be in exact order and I like things to be accurate. In addition to that, I pay very close attention to details and the little things that mean so much. The "S" is social and means that I am sensitive and caring which is true. The "S" also suggests that I am good at teaching. I like to teach people new things that I can do because it makes me feel good about myself. The "R" is realistic. This means that I good working with my hands. I am a hands on person, so I like to touch and feel things in order to get a good understanding of how certain things work. The skills and abilities part of my matrix relates to me because they all describe how I am and what I can do. The jobs suggested included teachers, bankers, and interior designers.

The last component in my career matrix was my top four multiple intelligences. The first multiple intelligence is musical. Music is my passion. I love music and all of its workings. I can relate everything that I do to a song and be happy with it. Next is linguistics. I am a very strong speaker and communicator. I used to say speeches at church and at school, so therefore I can relay messages and information in a well-mannered fashion. Thirdly is my spatial intelligence. I can make great use of



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