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My name is Guillermo Molina. I'm 38 years old. I live in San Salvador,

El Salvador.

This is my third online class, I just finished my second yesterday (CIS/319) and I enjoyed too much.

I enjoy watching TV, listen 80's old songs, play soccer, and play video

games with my daughter and my little child.

I Work for Calleja, the biggest supermarket retail business company in my country.

I'm MIS and my usually activities are supervising the operations of each

system that we have. I have been working with computers for about 20

years ago. My first computer was a Commodore 64 with a 1541 drive.

I was a Microsoft's MSDN Regional Director and Technical Evangelist in DotNet

Platform.I made some consulting jobs about networking, many years ago in

Ecuador, Santo Domingo, Jamaica and Venezuela.

My strengths are accepting challengers and finish my goals. I like to

program computers in VB language. My weaknesses are losing my

concentration when I read a book, sometimes I get a lot of activities in

my work and I fail to finish them.

I'm happy married with Flor de Maria and we have two child's (Andrea and


Every year I travel to California to visit my brothers.

Since, I got a promotion in my job, my life style has changed, because I

got a lot of responsibilities and spend a lot of time in my job.

I enrolled the program because I need to get graduated for the career

that I love.

Taking my classes online will help me to elevate my level of English,




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