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Andrew Llyod Webber Bio

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Andrew Lloyd Webber was born on March 22, 1948 to

William & Jean Lloyd Webber. Even at a young age, Andrew loved to make his own music. Andrew also had a great interest in inspecting ancient monuments around England. It and history were what many thought he would choose to do for a career. However, his Aunt Vi introduced him to the theatre, and under her advice started writing music of his own.

In 1956, Andrew went to Westminster and started composing music for the school's plays. In 1962, Andrew won a Challenge Scholarship that reduced his tuition at Westminster. Andrew won another scholarship in 1964 to transfer to Oxford. Tim Rice and Andrew met in 1965 and consequently, Andrew dropped out of Oxford to pursue music with Tim.

The first musical Andrew wrote (The Likes of Us) was a failure, but soon afterwards Joseph was created. The first showing was at Colette Court in 1968. Jesus Christ Superstar came next. In 1971, Andrew married Sarah Jane Hugill. Andrew and Alan Ayckbourn, in 1975, started work on a new musical, Jeeves. Jeeves was not a success and Andrew went back to Tim. Together they wrote Evita in late 1975. The next musical, was Cats. It was an incredible hit and beat A Chorus Line for longest running musical and highest grossing musical! Cats made Andrew rich and famous and ready to start a musical about trains. Starlight Express was created in 1984, the most expensive musical created up to that point. The same year, Andrew divorced Sarah Hugill and married Sarah Brightman. Andrew's next work was Requiem. It isn't a musical, but serious music for a Mass. Sarah Brightman sang the female soprano part.

Andrew's next work, Phantom of the Opera also included

Sarah. One of Andrew's most famous works, Phantom was created in 1986. Aspects of Love, Andrew's next venture, opened in 1989. Its intimate setting and songs were critically praised. In 1991, Andrew and Sarah decided to call it quits and on February 15, 1991, Andrew got married yet again to Madeleine Gurdon.

The glittery and tragic musical, Sunset Boulevard came out in 1993, but closed after a few years due to lack of "star power". In 1997, Andrew was knighted and became Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber. The long awaited Evita movie also came out in 1997 and was a box-office success. Andrew is currently



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