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Muhammad Bio

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Muhammad is by far one of the most influential men in the history of the religious world. Even today his teachings are still worldly known and his views on dying for a place in heaven result in our terrorist bombings, suicide, and even the world trade center disaster. To understand the fundamentals and the reasons why Islam is a violent religion you have to divert back to the teachings of Muhammad and his life.

Muhammad was born around 572 B.C to his father Abdallah and his mother Amina. Both of Muhammad's parents died when he was quite young, but he stayed with his grandfather for two years. Soon after he stayed in the care of his uncle Abu Talib and was soon put to work in the caravans.

While working in these caravans he met the owner Kadijiah. He married her when he was 25 and she was 15 years older than him at 40. They later had seven children but that did not settle him down for he married several other women to gain political power or compassion from the widows he married. It was also a rumor that he arranged the deaths of the women he married.

It was also during this time period that he believed that he was visited by the angel Gabriel. These visions that were revealed to him were in several different forms from poetry to warnings for the people to turn from what they had believed in and follow him. So after he received his revelation from the angel Gabriel he began to go around and preach the "divine" word that was revealed to him. Then through his revelations he developed a conduct of behavior that was supposedly revealed by Allah. Some of the

specific rules that applied to this revelation were the acceptance of Allah as God, no consumption of pork, and prayer five times a day facing the holy city Mecca. The first

person to embrace this religion was Khadijiah. Due to the fact that most people in the city of Mecca believed in several gods at the time the concept of believing in one God as almost impossible. Persecution started and Muhammad and his followers had to flee Mecca in 615. They arrived in Yathrib and eventually started the Muslim era.

Here in Yathrib the teachings gained surprising a large following amongst the Jewish community. Muhammad however kicked them out because he believed them to



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