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Advertising Plan and Creative Brief

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Advertising Plan and Creative Brief

Advertising Plan and Creative Brief

The management of Baderman Island, Boardman Management Group, has commissioned Team B Advertising Agency to create an advertising campaign that will position Baderman Island as the premier destination for romantic getaways by highlighting its tone, rational, and emotional appeals, brand, relationship between consumer behavior and couples, special features, strengths, and weaknesses, communicated messages, style, and created brief. Initially, Baderman Island was established for the purpose of providing supreme customer satisfaction through a luxurious vacation experience. The organization plans to develop a new positioning strategy that will compete against other resort destinations, and identify a new target market. Advertising plays a crucial role in developing Baderman Island's evolution. Notably, advertising is a paid, impersonal, one-way marketing communication of persuasive information from an identified sponsor circulated through channels of mass communication promoting products, services or ideas.

Objectives Statement

Team B's advertising objective is to increase market share, and create new marketing strategies for the management of Baderman Island. Team B accomplishes this goal by developing a new positioning strategy against competing resort destinations, identify new target market, and promote Baderman Island as the ideal destination for romantic getaways. Team B provides a rationale for each recommendation, and describes which is best for the Boardman's management team to use in its marketing decisions.

Support Statement Team B has been selected as the advertising agency for Baderman Island. Team B has the knowledge, skills, and expertise in creating and implementing new marketing initiatives for the management of Baderman Island. Team B's mission and values exemplifies the highest level of quality, service, and dedication necessary to provide a unique experience to the guests of Baderman Island. Team B will continue to provide memorable guest experiences through the islands luxury services, and new marketing and positioning strategy.

Tone/Brand Character Statement

Team B plans to position Baderman Island as the perfect romantic island getaway, and tropical oasis. The marketing campaign and positioning strategy highlights tangible elements that differentiate Baderman's Island from its competitors. Tangible elements include historical facts, landscape, architecture, and beauty of the island that creates the image or perception that Baderman Island is the perfect destination resort. The plan also includes highlighting amenities such as the botanical gardens, wildlife preserve, walking, and hiking trails. The marketing and positioning strategy focuses on the Island Oasis Spa, Island, and Private Villas throughout the island is positioned and promoted as a "personal secret getaway" (University of Phoenix, 2012, p. 1). The marketing data for Baderman Island is segmented to develop new marketing strategies by identifying and quantifying consumers with measureable results. This is accomplished through the Baderman Island's official travel website, marketing activities, travel packages, and incentive plans are designed to attract and inspire targeted consumers to begin planning getaways and vacations to the island. The website tracks data for measurement to determine the impact of Baderman Island's advertising campaigns, monitor consumer perceptions, and awareness before, and after a major campaign.

Team B's marketing messages are designed so that the image in the mind of the targeted consumer is the perceived image the company wishes to convey. The positioning process must monitor constantly and adjustments made to change with needs of the consumer, environment, and the economic conditions. Management must create critical elements in its positioning to remain competitively successful and must be knowledgeable of its core consumer's needs, wants, and perceptions coupled with the offerings of Baderman Island (University of Phoenix, 2012).

Rational and Emotional Appeals

Baderman Island has had various target markets in the past, but this year's marketing plan will focus advertising on one specific group and will target a special market. The emphasis will be romantic getaways and the identified market will be couples; whether the couples are marry, dating, or living together and Baderman Island will make sure they can identify with any type. The objective will be to seduce and entice both parties to help them make the decision to reserve a romantic getaway at Baderman Island.

One way to advertise to the particular groups is referred as advertising appeals, advertising appeal will help influence the way customers see themselves and how beneficial would be for them to visit Baderman Island. Ambekar (2009), "The most important type of advertising appeals includes emotional and rational appeals" (para. 2). The differences between the two are the focuses; in emotional appeal the focus is on a younger target and rational appeals is to older targets. Both of these appeals have subcategories that make it easier to identify how to target a particular audience. In the case of Baderman Island the approach to take would be a rational appeal with the subcategories of a romance, adventures, and bandwagon appeals (Ambekar, 2009).

Brand Personality For Baderman Island to have a successful campaign that aims at romantic getaways it must have a strong brand personality, which focuses on the human characteristics that will relate the couples with Baderman Island (Sj, 2009). Baderman must also produce an impacting image of the product or service, the resort needs to establish a romantic and lovable environment. The approach to take is to try and woo the audience or target market with a positive attitude that represents the Baderman Island brand.

Special Features

Another approach that Baderman Island must take to connect with the selected targeted market is to share the special features that Baderman Island have and that relate to a couple in love



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