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Abortion Is a Problem?

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Essay Preview: Abortion Is a Problem?

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The issues of abortion always perplexed me in many ways. There were many questions to be answered and to be discovered based on the arguments why people consider it as an option. In issues regarding abortion there are many opinions that I had to observe based on the fact that many individuals had different views and perspectives. Above all the confrontation I encountered regarding abortion, there was only one question that always left me bewildered. I always wondered why women actually go through abortion. Abortion is a painful experience that leaves many women wondering why they actually went through

the experience. They have no idea of what that child could be. Most people say that women have emotional and physical side effects after having an abortion. Abortion cannot only be dangerous to the fetus but also to the woman as well. Some women will have emotional problems and some even have thoughts of suicide. What is their purpose in committing what I believe to be such a crime? I've read opinions regarding why women are considering abortion as an option. Some women complain about not being able to feed another mouth. Other women claim that when another child is conceived that life, as you know it, will get a lot harder. So women have reasons such as medical issues, rape or incest.

In my opion there are always alternatives. Even if a woman went through rape she should find ways to avoid getting an abortion. She could probably get advice from a friend or counseling from a doctor about the factors of giving birth to an unwanted child. And go through with an adoption.

In most societies today abortion is considered to be intolerable. People in those societies see birth as a great thing that should not be taken away from a human being without any purpose. The fact of destroying a living organism such as the developing embryo to discontinue life was looked upon as being homicide by many different societies. This naturally leads to opposing views on whether a woman should have access to abortion. A lot of people that approve of abortion believe that the fetus becomes a human person only after it has been delivered and is breathing on its own. There is some Biblical justification for this belief. In an article on a website I came across described how Genesis 2:7 states that God made Adam's body from the dust of the ground. But it was only after God breathed into it the breath of life that man became a living person. They



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