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Thinking Problems

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Thinking is a thought process that takes place in the human brain which occurs due to various experiences or the incident that a person comes across in his life. For example a person standing with a pen and a book in his hand, for some individual the thought about that person must be that he is a student, or for someone else it must be a reason why he is carrying the book, i.e. that person might be putting down notes about his day to day life. The answers would vary from individual to individual. And this difference in thoughts occurs because of the various thoughts and the different beliefs that a person has about things.

According to me, thinking is a process and making a judgement about the thought that is going on the mind. And when this thought is communicated to the people around us it might have a positive response or a negative one, which also depends on the person to whom it is communicated. Therefore, to an individual that thought might be a problematic or to someone it might be completely true. This is where the problem arises, when a person comes across problems and knows that he has thinking problems.

As given in the lecture notes, there is a brief list of the problems that a human being faces. I would like to choose

* Ego defensiveness &

* Conflict avoidance

The reason for picking up these two problems is that, according to me there would be a conflict only if the person is very egoistic or he is very gullible and wants to avoid conflict and that's when these two thinking problems arises.

As mentioned in dictionaries ego is usually an exaggerated feeling of pride and superiority over others. Sometimes the Ego is associated with an inflated sense of pride or arrogance. As an example, when we talk about a person who is behaving arrogantly, people often say this person has a "huge Ego". This is where a person thinks that the opinion that he gives out are always correct no matter if they are completely wrong to the public. And this behaviour arises due to many reasons that can be personal, professional or the different experiences a person has gone through in his life. A person with a lot of ego and with no traits of listening about what others think about the same can lead the situation into a big mess.

If I eradicate the self or the ego, what is it that remains to say is; to know it is so? What is it that has eradicated the ego or the self?

Talking about eradicating the ego makes a person to come to a point where he does not think about his ego and does not put down his point of view. That is when a person starts conflict avoidance. He agrees to whatever the other individual gives him, whether or not he is happy with the decision or no. And according to me conflict avoidance does not only affect the participants but also everyone in the office and every employee with whom the conflicting employees interact, is affected by the stress. People feel as if they are walking on egg shells in the presence of the antagonists. This contributes to the creation of a hostile work environment for other employees. In worst case scenarios, the organization members take sides and the organization is divided.

Also, there is a much more "human" cost of Conflict Avoidance. It impacts morale and



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