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Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

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Isabella Work


October 21, 2018

Professor Monica Perrone

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Critical thinking is the evaluation of a specific situation that can be found with many different outcomes and solutions. By using critical thinking, one is placing extended thinking and problem-solving skills to make the most rational decision that best suits for the situation. Critical thinking is “related to the growth of knowledge, both in society and in individuals, is that critical thinking is the basis of the academic disciplines on which education places special emphasis” (Norris, 2014). It has been shown that being able to use critical thinking can build strength in one’s mind and can largely influence the way one perceives decision making. Critical thinking for myself is linked to education and different knowledge that can help evaluate a situation. As well as doing extended research to make the best solution for a particular situation, being able to review, evaluate, and comprehend research and previous knowledge to create a justifiable solution is what outlines critical thinking. Being able to use resources such as reflective thinking and critical debate are resources that many individuals use what creating these outcomes (“Critical Thinking”, 2011). Being able to use critical thinking throughout your career and personal life can be used with a combination of different skills that enhance the ability to think creatively and progressively. Being able to analysis a problem, using effective communication and creativity, problem solving skills, and open-mindedness are tools that can help an individual to use critical thinking in any situation that may be placed in front of them (Doyle, 2018). These skills will not only build personable skills to become more educated but will build individuals to handle situations and solutions from different perspectives and will leave them less biased to a situation.  Being able to evaluate and understand different solutions that are throughout and effective is the main idea to what critical thinking is circle around. After being able to identify these skills, being able to present them creates a stronger self-esteem and confidence that can show an employee or individual that the situation has been fully thought-out and understood.



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