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Abc Company Recruiter Case Study

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Essay Preview: Abc Company Recruiter Case Study

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Executive Summary


Carl Robins, the new campus recruiter for ABC, Inc. recruited several new hires in early April to work for Monica Carrolls, the Operations Supervisor. He scheduled the new hire orientation to take place June 15, with all the new hires working by July. On May 15, Carl was contacted by Monica about the orientation, manuals, drug tests, and other issues, which Carl would coordinate. After Memorial Day, Carl reviewed the files of the new hires and noticed discrepancies with some of the applications and some transcripts were not on file. None of the new hires had been sent to the clinic for the mandatory drug screen either. Upon discovery of the orientation manuals, which only three were recovered, several pages were missing from each of them. Carl also found that Joe from technology services reserved the room for the month of June for computer training seminars, which means Carl does not have a place to hold the seminar.


I recommend that Carl postpone the seminar until early July. This will give him ample time to schedule all of the drug test screenings, which should all be conducted on the same day. First, he needs to reserve the training room to make sure he has a slot. He can call and meet with the individuals who have discrepancies with their applications, and have them complete them. Postponing the seminar for another couple of weeks would ensure that the transcripts would arrive prior to the new hires starting work. Carl also needs to order new orientation manuals, and the extra time would be a godsend in case there was a delay.

Case Study

ABC, Inc. is a trusting company that is very lax. Managerial oversight is critical when a new employee is taking on a hefty task like hiring recruits to work for the company. However, this is not happening. Employees of ABC are let loose to complete their assignments. Carl, being a new campus recruiter for ABC, Inc. should have been sent to some seminars himself on time-management and organization. "Effective time-management techniques involve good prioritizing." (University of Illinois, n.d) Carl should not have been able to go out on his own without some degree of supervision. Being a new employee just shy of six months, his managerial counterparts should have taken a more active role in preparing him for his job and assisting him in his first job.

The supervision of ABC, Inc. does not watch over their employees. They empower their employees to do their job, trusting, or assuming rather, that they know how to do complete their duties in an efficient manner. "...empowerment is a difficult concept to execute properly, it works when it is focused on releasing self-motivation such that employees have the will to make a contribution" (Coleman, H.J. June, 1996). Management of ABC, Inc. did not allow time to use empowerment properly with Carl. Empowerment can be a dangerous thing if used incorrectly.

Carl's supervison and management at ABC, Inc. entrusted him to complete his job efficiently. When Carl first noticed something was wrong, he should have immediately let it be known, and his supervisors could have possibly helped him with a solution. If he acknowledges his mistake, and takes action to rectify it, there would be less consequences. Carl has a one-person job, and the duties he has are not difficult. Reviewing files, reserving the training room, ensuring the manuals are available and tests are completed. There should be no reason why he could not have completed these duties in the 2 Ð... months prior to the seminar. But, there is. Its name is procrastination. Carl has an extensive problem with procrastinating. He is waiting until the last minute to ensure everything is in order, and now finding that there are many things hindering him from holding the new hire seminar on July 15.

Carl should have reviewed the files immediately after recruiting the new hires. He would have noticed the incomplete applications and missing transcripts. He should have followed up on the drug screening, and ensured that all of the new hires were scheduled. Carl has a problem with procrastination. When Monica contacted Carl about the issues Carl had to coordinate for the new hires, he assured her that everything would



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