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  • Six Sigma

    Six Sigma

    SIX SIGMA Six sigma is a quality standard, and not a technique. Techniques are adopted to reach that much quality. This is the benchmark, which every company is trying to achieve. Sigma (s) is the standard deviation from the mean, or the required dimension in terms of manufacturing. It can

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  • Skill Assessment

    Skill Assessment

    Skills assessment I believe life itself can be one great learning experience. It has been helpful to be able to focus on academic learning and what I can do to improve myself by getting a formal education. The past few weeks have been very revealing since I have had the

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  • Sky's Decision to Lease Channels

    Sky's Decision to Lease Channels

    Sky's decision to lease channels rather than purchase a satellite resulted in an annual cost of Ј10 million, in contrast to an annual Ј50 million depreciation charge borne by BSB. As compared with the delayed April 1990 introduction of BSB, Sky has a crucial head start in gaining critical mass

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  • Skycar


    I remember when I was a kid, riding the back seat of the car with my parents during rush hour traffic and daydreaming about what it would be like if our car could just take-off and fly, well now that day is here, of course if you have the money.

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  • Skype Case

    Skype Case

    Introduction In 2003 founders of Kazaa, Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis, lunched peer-to-peer voice over Internet protocol -Skype. At the beginning Skype, acquired by eBay in 2005 for $2.6 billion, was a small company with 200 employees with the main office in Luxemburg and two offices in London and Tallinn,

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  • Slate as a Roofing Material

    Slate as a Roofing Material

    Background Information Among the many different types of roofing materials, slate is one of the most durable and aesthetically pleasing of all. In terms of its composition, slate is little different from the clay deposits you might find in a river bed. Through the process of different geological forces of

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  • Slipstreaming Windows Xp with Service Pack 2

    Slipstreaming Windows Xp with Service Pack 2

    Slipstreaming Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (SP2) It's been a while since I've covered slipstreaming, or combining, a service pack into Windows (link), but the release of Windows XP Service Pack with Advanced Security Technologies (hereafter referred to as SP2) warrants some discussion. That's because XP SP2 is a

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  • Small and Medium Size Enterprises and It

    Small and Medium Size Enterprises and It

    Introduction: Many large companies are outsourcing business processes to medium and small size business to cut the cost at the same time they are looking for more innovative peers in the market. In large enterprises IT is used to support the business processes but for SMEs its still in developing

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  • Small Business Network

    Small Business Network

    Small businesses generally lack support from a corporate IT office. The ideal network for such an organization therefore must be straightforward and easily managed. No two organizations have the same needs, and complications will always arise. One of the guiding principles throughout this chapter will be to follow the simplest

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  • Small Business Network Management

    Small Business Network Management

    Small business network management: just another job or an exciting career? Managing a small business network can be tough work, but it is a fun and exciting career, than provides endless opportunities for learning new technologies and ideas. Although this is a good career choice, there are many times

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  • Smartcard Secuirty

    Smartcard Secuirty

    Securing the air: Don't let your wireless LAN be a moving target New technologies seek to rectify WEP's security shortcomings Document options Print this page E-mail this page Rate this page Help us improve this content Level: Introductory Kimberly Getgen (, Product Marketing Manager, RSA Security 01 Nov 2001 The

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  • Smith Systems Consulting Executive Summary

    Smith Systems Consulting Executive Summary

    Smith Systems Consulting Executive summary Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. service request SR-rm-004, to analyze the HR System, has been submitted by Mr. Hugh McCauley, the COO of Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. This request is to analyze the HR system, to integrate the existing variety of tools used today, into a single integrated

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  • Smoking in Society

    Smoking in Society

    SAMPLE PERSUASIVE OUTLINE - POOR Student X February 17, 2005 Section AX Topic: Smoking in Society Goal: I want to persuade my audience that smoking is a health risk to all of society and that smokers should be encouraged to quit. Thesis: It is imperative for smokers to quit, benefiting

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  • Soap Interface

    Soap Interface

    SOAP makes use of an Internet application layer protocol as a transport protocol. Critics have argued that this is an abuse of such protocols, as it is not their intended purpose and therefore not a role they fulfill well. Backers of SOAP have drawn analogies to successful uses of protocols

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  • Social and Ethical Impact of Artificial Intelligence

    Social and Ethical Impact of Artificial Intelligence

    Contents Introduction III History III What is Artificial Intelligence? III Social and Ethical Issues Associated with Artificial Intelligence IV Part I Social Impact of Artificial Intelligence IV Part II Advantages IV Part III Disadvantages IV Ethical Impact of Artificial Intelligence V Conclusion VI Bibliography VII Introduction As our world expands

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  • Social and Ethical Impact of Machine Learning

    Social and Ethical Impact of Machine Learning

    Social and Ethical Impact of Machine Learning Human beings have come a long way in terms of scientific evolution. Over the centuries, the never-ending thirst for technological advancements has resulted in some of finest inventions like electricity, vaccination, transportation, etc. which has resulted in betterment of human life. Similarly, over

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  • Social Change in Africa

    Social Change in Africa

    Mobile phones carry a huge economic potential development in Africa. Over the past decade, Africa has experienced an increase in the use of mobile phones with over sixty percent of the population, having mobile phone coverage. Mobile phones restrictions have increased between 2002 and 2007. The expansion of mobile telephony,

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  • Social Change of Emr

    Social Change of Emr

    Social Change of EMR Introduction/Thesis A chartless/paperless doctor’s office was once something only dreamt of in a Star Trek episode. Soon humans will utilize laser beams as a major mode of transportation; well possibly in the distant future we will transport ourselves via laser beam. The advancements in health care

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  • Social Media Blog

    Social Media Blog

    Cannabis legalization has been a hot topic of debate for quite sometime and still carries through till this day. As I seen on twitter #majianuan is plastered all over, with people on both sides of the fence about the issue. Although I would have to report that most people that

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  • Social Networking and Web 2.0 Technology Proposal

    Social Networking and Web 2.0 Technology Proposal

    Social Networking and Web 2.0 Technology Proposal Introduction Creating greater opportunities for communication, collaboration and education with employees, greater coordination across departments and more effective curation of collections, social networking and web 2.0 technologies have the potential to significantly improve the value of the library to all stakeholders. Social networking

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  • Soft Systems Methodology - Case Study

    Soft Systems Methodology - Case Study

    Executive Summary This report is based on the system at the Births, Deaths and Marriages office of the Salford Council. The first part defines soft systems methodology, which was the method used to gain an understanding of the situation, and why it was an appropriate methodology to use. A rich

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  • Software


    SOFTWARE A set of instructions that directs a computer's hardware to perform a task is called a program, or software program. Software comprises the entire set of programs, procedures, and routines associated with the operation of a computer system. The two main types of software are system software and application

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  • Software and Hardware Recommendations

    Software and Hardware Recommendations

    Software and Hardware Recommendations The current Point of sale system hardware and software that is installed in each of the restaurants in the chain adequately supports the standard functions required including preparation tickets printing, inventory control, financial tracking, and performance reporting. However, this system does not provide the reporting needed

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  • Software Architecture Evolution Framework

    Software Architecture Evolution Framework

    SAEF “Software Architecture Evolution Framework” вЂ" The Vision 1.1 Motivation In many cases, informal architectural diagrams are available to the personnel who maintain software systems. However, there is little tool support linking such architectural descriptions to system requirements and the source code. This can create a number of problems. For

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  • Software Concepts

    Software Concepts

    What are some recent major computer system failures caused by software bugs? In early 2006 problems in a state's financial monitoring software resulted in incorrect election candidate financial reports being made available to the public. The state's election finance reporting web site was shut down until the software was repaired.

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  • Software Control and Maintenance

    Software Control and Maintenance

    Software Control and Maintenance The importance of managing change in information technology (IT) environments has grown significantly in the last few years. This shift is having a major impact on mid-sized businesses, which needs to increase their focus on compliance and initiatives centered on control, security and documentation. The challenge

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  • Software Copyrights

    Software Copyrights

    Software Copyrights Software Licensing and Pirating, worldwide illegal copying of domestic and international software cost $12.5 billion to the software industry, with a loss of $2 million in the United States alone, 40% of us software company revenues are generated overseas, yet nearly 85% of the of the software industry's

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  • Software Copyrights

    Software Copyrights

    Like the copyright laws of almost all countries, the U.S. Copyright Law provides for exceptions that permit certain acts which would otherwise be actionable as copyright infringements. These provisions, known as the "fair use" provisions apply to all copyright works and provide exceptions from copyright protection for "purposes such as

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  • Software Development

    Software Development

    Ooten Software Developer Cody Ooten English 12 Mr. Huff 26 February 2016 ________________ Outline Thesis: I want to be a software developer because I love new technology, I love being on computers and I want to create new technology. 1. Software Developer 1. Generally, software developers write the computer programs

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  • Software Development Project Design Specification Outline

    Software Development Project Design Specification Outline

    Software Development Project Design Specification Outline Project Name: User Contact: Phone: E-mail: Development Contact: Phone: Web: E-mail Document Creation: Document Revisions: Last Modified: Purpose of This Document This document provides a suggested outline for a database application design specification that falls within Microsoft Development Framework guidelines. Hints for creating the

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