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Life of a Computer Programmer

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Essay Preview: Life of a Computer Programmer

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Imagine having a computer without running software. Computers would be slightly pointless without programs to run it. There would be no directions in the computer to tell it how to run, where to run, and what to do. A computer would have the ability to turn on, but a blank screen would be the only thing to appear on a monitor. I am sure that the question of "Who creates these programs?" has run through many minds in the past. These programs aid you in typing papers, connect you to the Internet, send information to other computers, or provide an interface for games that help to occupy your time. Computer programmers are the individuals that create and work with these programs. On a broad scale, computer programmers write the programs, test the programs, and then maintain the programs that millions of people use daily (Computer Programming 243-249). The every day duties of a computer programmer include investigating work requests from system analysts, understanding the problem and the desired resolution, choosing an appropriate approach, and planning an outcome that will tell the mechanism what to do to produce the desired results. Programmers must be experienced in high levels of mathematics, computer science, and programming languages. A programmer must also have experience with critical thinking, reading comprehension, and deductive reasoning. Programmers need to master these subjects, since they write in a language different from everyday English or French.

Many different types of programming languages are used to write programs for computers. The languages are called "codes". Some of the languages include C++, Visual Basic, Java, XML, Perl, HTML, and COBOL. Each of the languages differs from each other, and each is used for specific program jobs. HTML and JAVA are languages used to build web pages for the Internet. Perl and XML can produce codes that block students from getting on certain inappropriate web pages on their school server. One of the most prominent programming languages of the day would have to be C++. It is almost essential that a computer programmer understands a bit about C++ to keep up with modern programming. A reason why programmers need a background in mathematics is since most of the codes include mathematical formulas. If a programmer wanted to create a "Wheel of Fortune" module with Visual Basic, the programmer would have to make a loop in the code that would search for characters by using



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