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Computer in My Life - Personal Essay

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Growing up at a time when the Internet revolution was starting to deluge the entire humanity, Computers became my ‘pseudo friends’ early in life. Besides playing computer games, I gradually became interested in the inner working of those games as well. Soon, I was intrigued by the practical and hands-on side of computers – Programming. It is amazing how certain inclinations developed early in life have the ability to shape us for a long time to come, including sculpting our career paths.

In my case, the above happened with my selection for the Bachelors of Technology program in Indraprastha University through one of the most rigorous entrance exams in the country. I chose Information Technology that has helped me gaining the fundamental knowledge of Information Technology through a well-structured curriculum. During the course of study I was exposed to subjects like Database Management System, Foundation of Computer Science, Logic Design, Data Structure, Computer Graphics and Multimedia, Computer Organization and Architecture, Algorithms Design and Analysis, Operating Systems, Data Communication and Networks, Advanced Computer Networks etc. I have fair knowledge about programming languages like C, C++, JAVA and SQL. A brush with these subjects made me realize that our present day life is absolutely unthinkable without computing systems and the software that drives them. Whether it is designing software to fructify business/commercial needs; using the power of computation to define circuitry and logic in modern medical equipment, or for carrying out medical surgeries; for leveraging computer technology in military, be it for missile guidance or to ensure advanced weaponry; or for more relaxed pursuits like social networking, computers are indispensable.  

In 2012, I attended six-week Summer Training by AlmaMate, organized by the college (17th May – 17th  June). Here, I learnt two modules ‘’ and ‘’ that were the part of the training. Further, I underwent four-week industrial training at the Defence Scientific Information and Documentation Centre (DESIDOC), New Delhi, of the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), under the Ministry of Defence (17th July – 12th  August, 2013). I successfully completed and submitted the project on ‘Human Resource Management System’ that was assigned to me by the organization.

In Fourth year, I submitted two projects[a] the minor project, ‘Flowchart to C-code generator’ helped me understand basics of C#, ASP.Net using Microsoft SQL Server Database. My major project, titled, ‘Skew Detection and Correction of the Scanned Documents’, taught me about how we can make basic algorithms and how can we implement them, also we used few pre-processing methods like Binarization, Skew detection  and thinning .

After completing my Bachelor’s, in May 2014, I joined an MNC, GlobalLogic, Noida, as a Trainee Engineer. I have worked in four different projects in the last three years, experiencing real time projects, environment. For my diligence and dedication, I have received the ‘League Extraordinaire’ award (in January 2017) and several ‘Spot Awards’(in Nov 2016 and in July 2017)  and certificates for the same, as an appreciation for my efforts. I was awarded with two back to back promotions in the year 2017 for my good work and now I am serving as a Senior Test Engineer in the same company. I got amazing opportunities to work in projects with different domains (Medical, Security, Enterprise etc.). I have a fair knowledge about the Mobile application testing, Backend testing (API), and Performance Testing (JMeter). I learnt and have always believed in smart work.  I have always given importance in enhancing my skill set with every new opportunity in my way. I was never rigid on choosing any of my projects and took each skill as a challenge and always been a quick learner and this is why, new situations, skill, project was never a hurdle for me.

It is almost impossible to survive by restricting oneself to any particular area of study will do no good with highly competitive world around us and thus the versatility of course in this Program amazes me and fosters my keenness in joining this program I believe that this program along with my quick learning, determination, hard work, perseverance and dedication will help me overcome all hurdles in my future endeavors. Through the last 3 years of my industry exposure, I have realized that, in order to combat technology obsolescence, there is a vast ‘ocean of knowledge’ to be churned. Technologies are being outmoded by newer ones. To keep pace with this, intellectual development is vital, and the latter can only come through technology development, research and innovation. Hence I intend to pursue graduate study in “Management Information Sciences”. 



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