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My Life - Personal Essay

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Throughout my, short, 18 years of life, I have gone through many experiences which have shaped my character. There are many significant, yet typical, events that one experiences throughout their life, such as, their wedding, having children, buying their first home, or graduating from college. I have not experienced any of those things, let alone much of anything of that significance, to say the least. However, being the 18 year old I am, the one experience that I have endured which has shaped my character the most would be an experience that has continued for about the last 17 years of my life. The experience being the person I call dad entering my life.

My mom was only 20 years old and still living with her parents when I came into this world. My biological father, however, was 24 and doing whatever he pleased as he made the decision of leaving my mother for the responsibility of a child. With that decision my mom stayed living with my grandparents, who helped support her through this time. I am not exactly sure when, but my mom did decide to move to Great Falls, Montana, which was about six hours away from home. Home was Sidney, Montana, which is as east as you can get without going into North Dakota. In Great Falls, my mom met the person I call dad today. He has been the father figure in my life since I was about 18 months old. In reality, I have never really known any different since most people, myself included, don’t remember their life before they were 2. Given that, I do have the memory since then, which includes my dad in the picture. Not that I have the word to say, but I assume, that every parent wants the best for their child. This would include that the child has both parents involved in their life. I am sure my mom was scared, which is a complete understatement, about how she would take care of a child on her own, or how she would explain to that child why their father was not involved in their life. Although my mom did have to explain this to me, somewhat, it wasn’t something I was too hurt about because the father figure I have come to know is a great one. He has always pushed me to thrive in school and in sports. He has never treated me any differently from my two younger siblings, who happen to be his true biological children. Even though I’m not necessarily a stepchild, I am blessed to have someone who is not my birth parent, take on the role.

Parenting, I imagine, is not the easiest thing in the world. Usually



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