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My Self My Life Personal Essay

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 Throughout my life I’ve learned that I’m dedicated to the things I’m willing to do, for example I’m always willing to go beyond to play football and protect my family at any cost. But the answer to the question I was asked is What would you think about me if I died? My step-mom stated:” I call you my son I would be sad but great that I got to raise you to become the man you are today I would miss you so much and think about all the fun times we had and conversations we had also”. This helps me contain that I’m a loving, Active, Competitive sport loving person. My aunt told me that she said she would say that she would remember how I loved to play football and always find a way to play or talk about and love my family like no other, this is basically saying that my whole life communication is through love.

I spend all my time rather with my family, girlfriend or friends when I’m free I like to play the game or practicing football. I like to share my time with them because I won’t know the next time I see them. I spend my time going out with them as an example out to eat or activities with my family, for my friends I spend time with them  in school or the mall and  outside something with my girlfriend .I spend my money on my sisters, bros, and girlfriend most of the time its at the store for food or snacks or on something for myself I also  like to spend to with everyone  as  equal  as I  can   so they  wont  think  that  I’m  not  spending  enough  time  with  them  or  say  I’m  not showing  them  enough  love .

        I approach all adults with respect as I would want in return when we communicate another time I like to show respect to any adult that would like to communicate with me in anyway if they need help or if they want to talk about anything important. I approach my pears as if they are my parents with respect to show that I’m listing and care about what they are telling me so they won’t take it as I’m being disrespectful to them in anyway ill also look them in the eyes and stay off my phone while we are having any kind of conversation so I wont be disrespectful to them.76ygv

When I’m around people most of the time I engage with them I’m partly on my phone but to check a message to make sure I haven’t gotten an important message from anyone that would resolve from be doing anything that I would regret to do, But the most of the time I’m paying attention to the person talking and laughing and getting along while we all laugh together and enjoy time together like any other person would like to do. With then we all fade away home and meet again another day to spend with each other. I believe spending time with everyone is basically a good thing to-do when it comes to space for everyone and yourself because some people don’t like being alone while they have friends and family that they could spend time with at any time.



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