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Computer Hardware

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In 1980 IBM with the help of Xerox and a company from Seattle, that includes Bill Gates, the first PC was created.

When Computers came they changed the world, you could send a message in seconds, or play a game where rolling a die isn't the main concept.

I'm not going to get really involved with this I am just givin basics.

Main Board: It was Previously called mother board. It is the main component in you computer. Everything plugs into it.

System Board: Just like the Main Board but all its chips are perminatly installed. You can't upgrade these.

Daughter Board: It's an expansion board. Made to add spot for adapters.

Processor: It controls the speed and performance of your computer. It processes the comands from your your operating system and sends the prper info to each section.

Fans: Keeps the computer from overheating.

Memory: When you have programs running memory is is being used up it keeps things running.

Ports: There for conecting external drives into your computer, like your game controler, mouse, keyboard and etc. Paralel, Serial and U.S.B are all kind of ports.

Power Supply: It powers all your devices.

Sound card: Gives your computer sound.

Monitor: The computer outputs information to the monitor sio you can see it.

Case: Keeps your computer safe and gives it a klean inviroment.

Printer: It puts what you see on the monitor on paper.

Hard Drive: Keeps the information on your computer.

Floppy Dive: It reads an writes on a floppy disk so that you can put the stuff you put on it to nothr computer.

CD Rom: Just like the floppy except it carries way more and works faster.

Operating System: All that do with your computer is making codes that do things. The operating system makes those into a language you can understand.





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