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When Will Society Hang Up on Cell Phone Rudeness?

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Essay Preview: When Will Society Hang Up on Cell Phone Rudeness?

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Frasure 1


The use of cellular phones has gotten way out of control. People should avoid over using the cell phone because it is annoying to others especially in restaurants, schools and in churches. However, in an emergency it is understandable to use the cell phone in public places.

In today's society, a person can not go into a restaurant without hearing a cell phone ring or seeing someone making a call. It is very rude especially to the poor person sitting at the table with the cell phone user. This person is probably offended because he or she is being ignored. "Forty-two percent of adults say they have made or received a call while dining in a restaurant," according to the National Restaurant Association (Yost A1). In some restaurants, the menu states to set cellular phones to vibrate or off, although few people ever do. At Perry's Deli in Chicago, a prominent sign states: "The use of cellular phones at Perry's is strictly prohibited. If you are that important that you must use your phone, you should be eating in a much more upscale restaurant"("Phil's Places" 27).

Students are using cell phones constantly between classes in high schools and on college campuses alienating themselves from interacting and meeting new people. It is also very distracting at times when students forget to turn their cell phones off and it rings in class. "Jim Spiers, an Arizona State University marketing professor, is putting his foot down as

Frasure 2

students in his lectures become cheekier about making calls in class.

He is more blunt when before he made a joke about it"(YostA1).

It is understandable; however, to receive a call in a public place when there is an emergency. The cell phone has also become a vital link between busy family members. Teenagers use cell phones for the convenience and so their parents can contact them anytime. They also do not have to worry about having change for the pay phone. In fact, some teenagers have never used a pay phone in their lives.

People should avoid bringing their cell phones in churches



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