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  • Basic History of a Fetish

    Basic History of a Fetish

    The historical origins of BDSM are obscure. There are anecdotal reports of people willingly being bound or whipped, as a prelude to or substitute for sex, going back to the fourteenth century. The medieval phenomenon of courtly love in all of its slavish devotion and ambivalence has been suggested by

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  • Basic Macroeconomic Terminology

    Basic Macroeconomic Terminology

    Basic Macroeconomic Terminology Gross Domestic Product (GDP): the market value of all final goods and services produced in a year within a country' borders. Expenditure approach: GDP = C + I + G + X where C is gross private domestic consumption, I is gross private domestic investment, G is

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  • Basketball in Colleges

    Basketball in Colleges

    Munir Slaiman Professor Hinkle July 19, 2000 U.S. school and college basketball (Summary of the Jackie Miranda Article) Basketball at the school and college level developed from a structured, rigid game in the early days to one that is often fast-paced and high-scoring. Individual skills improved markedly, and although

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  • Basmati Rice Case Study

    Basmati Rice Case Study

    BASMATI RICE CASE STUDY Widnall D’souza1, Department of Global MBA, School of Management, Manipal Abstract: Basmati rice is one of the important and popular grain crops of India. Basmati is one of the most well-known and internationally recognized geographic implication that come from indian sub-continent. [1] The increasing population loses

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  • Basque Separatism

    Basque Separatism

    2004 marked ETA's (Euzkadi 'ta Askatasuna) 35-year campaign for a sovereign Basque state (BBC, 2004). This campaign, since its first lethal attack in 1967 has claimed more than 800 lives (Mees, L., 2001). While ETA's campaign strays far from the intentions of ordinary Basque, it has given a bloodied image

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  • Battered Husbands

    Battered Husbands

    Battered Husband: An Unaddressed Problem Billboards, radio, and TV ads across the country proclaim that "every fifteen seconds a women is beaten by a man." Violence against women is clearly a problem of national importance, but has anyone ever asked how often men are beaten by women? The unfortunate

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  • Battered Women Syndrome

    Battered Women Syndrome

    Battered Woman Syndrome In Robert Agnew's general strain theory, he talks about how strain and stress could cause an individual to commit crimes that they wouldn't have committed without those circumstances. In his theory, he refers to negative affective states, which are the "anger, frustration, and adverse emotions that

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  • Battle Against Death

    Battle Against Death

    . The Animal Planet channel covered the pregnancy and birth extensively, and an Internet web-camera still shows images of the mother and baby to computers all over the world. The American public got the chance to vote from the cub's names, and there was a contest for the attendance of

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  • Battle of the Sexes

    Battle of the Sexes

    The idea of the “battle of the sexes” is interesting. It implies that men and women are constantly fighting over something. The term “battle of the sexes” is not referring to the small issues that couples may have to deal with day by day. Rather, it is pointing to a

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  • Battlefield


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  • Be like the Europeans

    Be like the Europeans

    The National Minimum Drinking Age Act is a law that made a large impact on the everyday lives of American youth. It only became a national law in 1984, imbedding the twenty-one year old drinking age into the American society. The law was passed due to the growing problems with

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  • Be Yourself

    Be Yourself

    Society, parents, friends, teachers, and media, are encouraging individuals to "be yourself." Initially the idea of being yourself seems only natural, maybe even unavoidable. In order to be yourself, one must first know exactly what their "self" is. Based on biological criteria, the first characteristic of our "self" is given

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  • Beauty and Her Beast

    Beauty and Her Beast

    Beauty and her Beast In today's America, gender roles are always a hot topic for debate and under constant pressure for reformation. People's disagreement and confusion stem from different views of what a gender role should be, and just as important but often overlooked, what a gender role currently is.

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  • Beauty and the Beast

    Beauty and the Beast

    Beauty and the Beast In the movie Beauty and the Beast there's a towns girl who is known as the weird girl by all because she loved to read and she was not obsessed about her looks and wanted more than just to sit at home and be a housewife.

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  • Beauty Industry in China

    Beauty Industry in China

    Within 21 years, from 1983 to 2004, the sales volume of China's beauty businesses has increased 260 times, according to the country's first annual report on the beauty sector, recently released by Chinese economists. While the traditional beauty sector in China refers mainly to such services as hairdressing, massage and

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  • Becoming a Better Nation

    Becoming a Better Nation

    Part I: The Problem A. Racism As an American citizen, it would be easy to say we should encourage both unity and diversity, but, in truth, it is almost impossible to implement such a great idea. Our nation would be a utopian society if we could implement both global

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  • Bedouin Society

    Bedouin Society

    Introduction The Bedouins, a nomadic people of the Middle East, are an indigenous people just as any other indigenous people around the world, striving for economical, political, and cultural autonomy. Even living in the harsh environment that the Middle East is, with the political and religious clashes between countries and

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  • Before and After Mar Dushmani

    Before and After Mar Dushmani

    Before and After Mar Dushmani "Friend by Day, Enemy by Night" shares an in depth look into the lives of the Kohistanis who live in Thull, Pakistan. The author of the text, Lincoln Keiser, goes into great depth in explaining the life of these people before and after mar dushmani.

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  • Behaviour Case

    Behaviour Case

    - Many people associate men with quarrying etc. because they are stronger and have a bigger build but this is usually because of your genes and therefore biological. An example is men often do wrestling however women with a bigger build often do wrestling too. - As are organs and

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  • Behaviour Organization

    Behaviour Organization

    xecutive Summary TO: Cliff O'Connor, CEO FROM: Pat Lambert RE: Update - Operation Optimize This is a summary on the current situation at AcuScan concerning the development of the iScanner for use in the retail industry. It will summarize the situation, discuss key points and recommend actions that can be

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  • Behind the Curve: Globalization and International Terrorism

    Behind the Curve: Globalization and International Terrorism

    Since the events of September 11, 2001, international terrorism has been on the forefront of international relations and public thought. Subsequent terrorist attacks in Spain, England and Southeast Asia, have served to bring to light the importance of the Global War on Terrorism and, more importantly, a better understanding of

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  • Behind the Walls of the Ghetto

    Behind the Walls of the Ghetto

    Rob Hill Professor Terry Thuemling WP121G 5 November 2004 Behind the Walls of the Ghetto Commenting on the famed Los Angeles ghetto in which he grew up, gangster rapper Ice Cube asserts, "If you ain't never been to the ghetto, don't ever come to the ghetto" (Cube, Ghetto Vet). But

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  • Beijing Olympics

    Beijing Olympics

    There has been much controversy on whether our athletes should compete in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and if the pollution there will deter our competitors. The main thing is the smog and the air that the athletes will have to breathe in when they are competing, and this is caused

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  • Beijing Slides Recommendation

    Beijing Slides Recommendation

    Recommendation Based on the chosen case, that is various ways and solutions to reduce the environmental pollution in Beijing. First recommendation is regulations and laws at National level. Regulation and laws always plays as an important role in reducing and controlling pollution. This is where the government should implement air

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  • Being a Volunteer at Headstreams

    Bangalore is known for its happening Saturday evenings and not being a party person didn’t deter me from making my Saturdays worthwhile. Being a volunteer at Headstreams as part of their Caravan internship programme has ensured that my weekends start on a good note. Basically I along with around 60

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  • Being Politically Correct

    Being Politically Correct

    Although being politically correct appears to be good on face, the concept can be weaponized in an attempt to halt unwanted discussion. A highly regarded professor from Harvard was ultimately forced to stop offering his class "Peopling of America" due to its focus on racial issues. (Taylor, 198). Although the

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  • Being the Youngest Child

    Being the Youngest Child

    Being the youngest child in a family has definite advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, babies are fussed over and pampered. They enjoy special status in the pecking order and often get away with behavior that other family members can't. On the other hand, many youngest children feel

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  • Belgium


    BELGIUM Royaume de Belgique / Koninkrijk Belgiл Belgium is a small, highly developed and densely populated country (10 million of inhabitants) at the cross-roads of Western Europe. Belgium is one of the founding members of the European Community, and its capital, Brussels, is also the capital of the European Union.

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  • Belief and Knowledge

    Belief and Knowledge

    There are many contentions our present world has faced that require a thorough thought process in order to represent a side of the argument. We see that there are many different authorities that tell us we should be thinking in certain directions. However, most people need to realize that

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  • Belize's Economic Situation

    Belize's Economic Situation

    Belize, and many of its neighboring countries, is plagued by economic stagnancy. In the last twenty years, economic growth has been close to zero, which means the average adult in Belize, and its surrounding countries has seen no income improvement in their lifetimes. Distribution of justice in our country is

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