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How to Handle Stress at Work

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Essay Preview: How to Handle Stress at Work

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Ways to deal with stress at work before going insane.

How to handle stress at work

Having working retail for many years, I know first hand that the retail business can be fast paced and demanding stressful job. Home depot is a good company to work for, but at times it can be stressful. There are a lot of demands placed on all departments whether it is paint, hardware, plumbing, etc. Management places high expectations on the employees to provide excellent customer service, company motto always being "Customers are always First". In the next couples of pages, I will be explaining: 1) what causes stress 2) How to deal with stresses 3) How to make your life a little less stressful.

At work, there are many sources of stress, whether it is form deadlines to be met, and bosses yelling at you wandering why a product that was assigned to your department was not done. And, do not forget the customers yelling and/or asking you why a product advertised in the weekly paper is not available although another store does have it in stock. Did I forget to mention the company equipment not always working properly- this can too be a stress factor not just for the employees but also for the customers.

To me, the main factor or cause of stress is being "burned out". Contributing factors can be new employees to a particular store not always aware of what I the requirements or expectations are ; Daily changes within the work area on a daily basis;,or having the feeling that regardless of how hard you work on a project or meet a deadline, more is still being expected of you. The best thing to do is in the latter situation would be speak to your supervisor, identify what is expected of you and work together to come up with strategies to meet these goals. This is one way to relieve stress not just for the both of you but also for your department.

The second and/or major cause of stress is conflict in the job place. Sometimes, it can be with a co-worker who does not do his or her share in hoping the department run smoothly that ultimately results in you having the task totally. These additional responsibilities can take a tool on your emotional and physical health. Work place gossip is also a stress factor. Best way to handle work place gossip? Avoid it all together, refrain from sharing too much of your personal life, and stay away from people who do not appear to be team players or who do not work well with others. This could



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