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1. this case study?

2. How would you characterize the director's behavior?

3. Is the director an ethical role model? Why or why not?

4. Were the director's messages congruent with the organization's stated mission? Explain your answer.

5. What impact did the director's actions and attitudes have on the Acre Woods culture?

Some potential legal issues would be the company not making sure that the pool was safe for residents use and some people got hurt. Maybe nobody was seriously hurt but when people are living at nursing homes, assisted living, or any type of senior living facility, their are safety guides that must be followed for everything in the building for the residents. And I'm sure non slip pads was ordered for parts of the pool that residents would be used and these were not given. Ethical issues would be one them giving Sarah's job to someone else because from things that was said to her seems as though they did this because they felt she was too concerned about things, they felt she was "stepping in" too much so decided to put her some where else. Another issue in my eyes would be the residents rent being raised for the pool, the residents did not ask for the pool, the company felt it would be good for their physical therapy so I don't think the residents should have to pay extra for that its for their well being not their pleasure.

The director where do I start with him??? His character is lazy, uncaring, just a overall careless attitude who probley used some of the extra money for his pockets. He had no concern about the residents at all, not their safety or anything. As a director of any place especially a senior living home your main concern is suppose the be the safety of your residents. The director is defiantly not a ethical role model because he has no care or compassion for the residents under his care, again his main concern is suppose to be the safety of all the residents, even if he felt it was not a safety concern he is still suppose to follow up and check into things not just brush them off as nothing.

The directors messages was not congruent with the organizations stated mission because their stated mission was "Its mission is to improve the quality



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