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Beijing Slides Recommendation

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Based on the chosen case, that is various ways and solutions to reduce the environmental pollution in Beijing. First recommendation is regulations and laws at National level. Regulation and laws always plays as an important role in reducing and controlling pollution. This is where the government should implement air pollution control laws and regulatory efforts to categorize and identified the different air pollutants. The mobile and stationary sources are considered as the contributor to air pollution issue. The government can set reasonable and implementable limits on pollution discharge as well as improving the treatment technologies and mitigation measures in order to reduce the air pollution. Government should not only propose emission standards and guidelines but also strictly regulate it by introducing fines, imprisonment and penalties to those polluters or any companies. China Government can also implement program such as carbon credit program and other economical tools that encourage various parties or companies to reduce carbon emission to the surrounding environment by reducing fuel usage and adopting renewable energy sources. (Heleta, 2010)

Second recommendation is raising public awareness through advocacy and campaigns. This is important as the community and society are also playing an important role in reducing the air pollution in Beijing. Even though the anti-pollution laws are established by the government and companies are putting their effort in technological advancements that progressively aim to reducing air pollution, the effort is not enough if the community and society does not take any action to reduce the air pollution. Creation of awareness is the main factor to consider because it will make the society understand and realize the effects and sources of air pollution. Thus, it makes it easier for the public or society to take collective or personal initiatives and motives to reduce air pollution. By raising the awareness through advocacy and campaigns like seminar talk can address such situations from happening in the first place. This can be done through an educative process that helps people to understand the causes and effects of air pollution. People can contribute to reduce air pollution in multiple ways such as taking bike or carpool in order to reduce usage of vehicle which related to air pollution. Thus, by raising the awareness of the people, it can help minimize the causes of air pollution. (Jovanovic, 2000)

Third recommendation is using green or renewable energy sources. Coal and fossil fuel that we used in our daily life are considered as the main contributors to air pollution. They are classified as the air pollutants that will increase the air pollution. Thus, the companies or factories that operate in Beijing can adopt renewable energy sources to produce power which presents as effective solution and way to reduce air pollution. The renewable energy sources included geothermal energy, hydro-power, wind energy and solar energy. If people or companies can adopt a variety of these renewable energy sources instead of relying heavily on using coal energy or fossil fuels, it can reduce the air pollution situation or case like Beijing Environment pollution. Fuel cells, batteries and natural gas can also use as a substitute the use of fossil fuels such as cleaner renewable energy sources. Thus, companies should investing more in sustainable and renewable energy sources in order to decrease the pollution at the same time it will also protecting the future and provide a better environment for people to live. (Rajovic, 2007)



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