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Teenage Pregnancy, Abortion, and Prostitution

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Essay Preview: Teenage Pregnancy, Abortion, and Prostitution

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Teenage Pregnancy, Abortion, and Prostitution

There are so many issues that happen worldwide every day and nobody really pay attention to them. I will be focusing on three issues, teen pregnancy, abortion and prostitution. Even though, I believe there should be precautions to stop teen pregnancies, abortions and prostitution, I know it will still be an issue. I care about helping out society in somewhat to help the young people get a healthy lifestyle.

Teen pregnancies have a big toll on society today; a lot of teens are sexually active and do not use protection. Every day you hear someone else teen is pregnant and it is not okay. Celebrity and media have a lot of influence on the young society and they feel like they should be just like them. They made a show called 16 and Pregnant and this is suppose to show how hard it is to be a mother at a young age. This show actually make some teens want to get pregnant so they can be on television and not even thinking about how hard it is . They just think of the glam on being a celebrity teen mom and not that they have to take care of a child, not just on TV but in reality. Most teen pregnancies happen because they don't know how to use contraception correctly. Teen mothers have a difficult decision whether to keep or give up their child. (Manohar, Uttara) Either decision will be hard for them and some mothers who keep their child and struggle and drop out of school. Teen pregnancies can be a wonderful thing because some older couples can't have babies and they can adopt from them .Some women don't want to go through this so they result to abortion.

Therefore, abortions are the most crucial thing you could do to a human which is killing them as a fetus (baby). In some cases abortions might seem to be the best option but there are others they could take such as adoption. Most teens get them because there partner is not in the picture, parents will not help and financial reasons. Abortion rates are surprisingly higher black teens than white or Hispanic girls.( Kost, K., Henshaw) Teens under 18 need parental consent and signature to be able to go forth with the procedure. Some people don't know being pregnant at a young age can case health issues within the pregnancy and the teen can possibly die. (Welton, Rose) Some teens are forced to have sex or think of making money to put up their body for prostitution.

Prostitution is an undercover operation that goes on right in front of us . Teen girls get pulled into this lifestyle by older men and even women who either force or persuade them to do so. They might influence



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