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  • Feel Free

    Feel Free

    My Feelings Taking the human metrics test made me realize what type of person I am. I didn’t think that I would be into my feelings. I am a joking kind of person. I really didn’t think the results would tell me that I would score the highest in the

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  • Feet and Legs

    Feet and Legs

    Feet and legs The structure of the feet and legs varies greatly among frog species, depending in part on whether they live primarily on the ground, in water, in trees, or in burrows. Frogs must be able to move quickly through their environment to catch prey and escape predators, and

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  • Feline Leukemia Virus

    Feline Leukemia Virus

    FELINE PANLEUKOPENIA VIRUS Virus Classification: Order: Mononegavirales Family: Parvoviridae Subfamily: Parvovirinae Genus: Parvovirus Species: Feline panleukopenia virus Also called feline infectious eneritis, feline "distemper", and feline ataxia or incoordination. Examples of other viruses belonging to the same genus as Feline panleukopenia virus include Canine parvovirus type 2, Porcine parvovirus, Mink

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  • Female Brain

    Female Brain

    "The cerebral cortex is responsible for voluntary movements, perception of sensory input and of highly complex functions such as memory, learning, reasoning and language," said Gabrielle de Courten-Myers, MD, study author and associate professor of neuropathology at the University of Cincinnati. "Males possess more tightly packed and more numerous nerve

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  • Female Mutilation

    Female Mutilation

    Female Genital Mutilation Almost every person around the globe has a different viewpoint of different subjects. One such example is that of female genital mutilation, or otherwise noted as female circumcision. Many groups of people find female genital mutilation to be sacred while another group believes it to be terribly

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  • Feng Shui

    Feng Shui

    When it comes to Feng Shui, I think there are generally three groups of people. There are the Believers, Skeptics and the In-Betweens. In-Betweens are those that are neither Believers but nor are they absolute Skeptics. Being in the industry, obviously, I meet people who believe in Feng Shui all

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  • Fermentation


    Fermentation is a process performed by cells in the absence of oxygen to produce small amounts of ATP. During this process the six-carbon sugar glucose is broken down into two molecules of the three-carbon organic acid, pyruvic acid, coupled with the transfer of chemical energy to make adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

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  • Fermentation Wet Methods to Extract Oat ?-Glucan

    Fermentation Wet Methods to Extract Oat ?-Glucan

    whole grain oats—oat bran( rich in dietary fibre—water soluble B-glucan) The β-glucan concentration of regular oat brans is usually between 6-12 percent which is lower than the required level. WET METHODS TO EXTRACT OAT Β-GLUCAN The purification of β-glucan fractions from oats by wet extraction is usually based on the

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  • Ferromagnetism in Suspensions of Magnetic Platelets in Liquid Crystal

    Ferromagnetism in Suspensions of Magnetic Platelets in Liquid Crystal

    A Summary of the Article “Ferromagnetism in suspensions of magnetic platelets in liquid crystal” In less than half a century ago, researchers Brochard and de Gennes suggested that a true fluid ferromagnetic phase could appear at room temperature in a colloid of magnetic nanoparticles in nematic liquid crystal (Merteli, Lisjak,

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  • Fetal Alcohol

    Fetal Alcohol

    There are different characteristics that accompany FAS in the different stages of a child's life. "At birth, infants with intrauterine exposure to alcohol frequently have low birth rate; pre-term delivery; a small head circumference; and the characteri stic facial features of the eyes, nose, and mouth" (Phelps, 1995, p. 204).

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  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

    Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

    This paper is dedicated to Dr. Joshua Oyekan for his dedication to the education of others. Abstract In recent years the public has been made aware of a syndrome called Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. The syndrome has received publicity for many reasons including the fact that it is a completely

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  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

    Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

    Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Alcohol is the leading known preventable cause of mental and physical birth defects in Canada Fetal alcohol syndrome or FAS is a disorder of permanent birth defects that occurs in the offspring of women who drink alcohol during pregnancy. It is unknown whether amount, frequency or timing

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  • Fetus Critical Period

    Fetus Critical Period

    Critical Period The critical point in a developing fetus falls roughly within the 5th week and the 6th month. This period is defined as the critical period because beginning around the 5th week tissue begins to differentiate. This specialized tissue starts developing from the top down. Specialized tissues begin

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  • Feynman Case

    Feynman Case

    Hello, my name is Richard Feynman, and I am a Nobel Prize-wining physics professor at Caltech. I was born in 1918 in Far Rockaway, New York. When I was 11 or 12 I set up a lab in my bedroom. I had a heater and a lamb bank (which is

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  • Fiber Optic

    Fiber Optic

    Fiber optics is a kind of optics dealing with the movement of light through fibers or thin rods of glass. If light is put at one end of a fiber, it can move through the fiber with very low loss of intensity, even if the fiber is curved. The simplest

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  • Fiber-Optic Communications

    Fiber-Optic Communications

    In 1987, both Eli Yablonvitch and Sajeev John got together to discuss research that both had previously discovered. Eli Yablonvitch was an electrical engineer at Bell Communications Research in Red Bank, New Jersey. Yablonvitch was known for refining a laser that would become a mainstay of fiber-optic communications. Sajeev

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  • Fibonacci Numbers

    Fibonacci Numbers

    Suppose a newly-born pair of rabbits, one male, one female, are put in a field. Rabbits are able to mate at the age of one month so that at the end of its second month a female can produce another pair of rabbits. Suppose that our rabbits never die and

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  • Fibroids


    A fibroid is the most common tumor found in the pelvis. Such tumors develop most often between the ages of 35 and 45 years, hardly ever before age 20. most fibroids occur in women of reproductive age; they are diagnosed in African American women two to three times more frequently

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  • Fiction and the Business Lesson Paper

    Fiction and the Business Lesson Paper

    Fiction and the Business Lesson Paper Fictional stories are written to entertain the reader and in some cases can even teach the reader a lesson. In this paper, the author will discuss a short story titled “A Delicate Balance.” The author will explain the entertainment of the plot, the relationship

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  • Field Biology Projects

    Field Biology Projects

    Corwin Belfield Student Project Spring 2002 Field Biology Dr. Hanks I intend on doing a regular project and an extra credit project. For my first project I will start a recycling process in my home. I don't want to make it too hard on my family so it will consist

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  • Finding the Percentage of Copper in a Brass Alloy

    Finding the Percentage of Copper in a Brass Alloy

    Finding the percentage of copper in a Brass alloy Aim: Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. This alloy has many uses ranging from coinage to non- ferrous fittings on ships. Many domestic taps use brass where contact with water occurs. I have been provided with a sample

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  • Fingerprints


    Fingerprints can identify us and only us. Everyone's fingerprints are different; there are no two alike. That's why they prove so useful when identifying dead bodies or fingerprints at a crime scene. Police use them at crime scenes; banks use them to identify checks. There are so many different uses

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  • Fire and Heat Protective Textiles

    Fire and Heat Protective Textiles

    Fire and Heat Protective Textiles The late twentieth century saw an unprecedented increase in emphasis on protection of the human form. Health and safety at work requires protective textiles for certain jobs and the threat of biological and chemical terrorist attacks is currently a topical issue. The range of hazards

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  • Fire Prevention

    Fire Prevention

    "We have failed as firefighters". Though very real to many, it still is the last thing on most firefighters minds when they are interrupted from their daily duties by the ringing tones of a structure fire. On December 1, 1958, at the horrific Our Lady of the Angels Fire in

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  • Fire Works and What Makes Them Go

    Fire Works and What Makes Them Go

    Fireworks and What Makes Them Go Sparks! Colors! Things that go BOOM! Chemistry doesn’t get much better than this. Ever notice how minutes drag on for hours when you’re waiting for a fireworks show to begin? Everyone’s thinking the same thing: The sky is dark enough the hot dogs are

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  • Fireman Working in South Kansas City - Reflection

    Fireman Working in South Kansas City - Reflection

    1. As a young fireman working in south Kansas City we would respond on a weekly bias too an apartment building for cooking fires. This apartment complex was known for extremely poor mostly Mexican occupants. The most common cause of the fires was old hotplates that things like clothing would

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  • Firing a Margarine Tub

    Firing a Margarine Tub

    Tubby The Tub Practical Results: Stretching Distance of the Elastic Band (x) / m Ѓ} 0.005 Distance Travelled by the Tub (from the Original Position) Average Distance Travelled by the Tub (s) / m Uncertainty in Average Distance Travelled by the Tub / m Trail 1 / m Ѓ} 0.005

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  • First Generation Biofuels

    First Generation Biofuels

    First generation biofuels are generated from food crops by removing the oils for use in biodiesel or by producing bioethanol through the process of fermentation. Corn and sugarcane are the two primary crops used in the production of first generation biofuels. Although, first generation biofuels do pose a solution to

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  • First Robotics

    First Robotics

    What is FIRST? For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology is a program whose main goal is to inspire and teach young people in the fields of science and technology. The program does this by pairing high school students and professional mentors to solve intense engineering problems in a

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  • Fiscal Policy Simulation

    Fiscal Policy Simulation

    Fiscal Policy Simulation Maintenance of the economy for an entire country is a difficult task. Balancing unemployment with inflation and government spending is not an easy thing to do. Making changes to the economy of the country of Erehwon gives the user the sense of constantly being in a push

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