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  • Extinction of Dinosaurs

    Extinction of Dinosaurs

    Extinction of Dinosaurs Two-hundred and thirty million years ago the first dinosaur-like creature roamed the earth. Dinosaurs were a very successful and diverse group, dominating the terrestrial environments of the earth for 160 million years. The apparently sudden mass extinction of dinosaurs marks the boundary between the Cretaceous and Tertiary

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  • Extinction of Great Apes

    Extinction of Great Apes

    The great apes are humankind's closest relatives. Great apes include gorillas, chimpanzees, orangutans, and bonobos, which are also known as pygmy chimps. At the turn of the century, there were approximately one million chimpanzees in Africa. This number has declined down to 150,000. Mountain gorillas have halved in size over

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  • Extra Credit Movie Analysis “ladder 49”

    Extra Credit Movie Analysis “ladder 49”

    Altamirano Alejandro Altamirano Fire 100, Mr. Hooper Extra Credit April 12, 2016 Extra Credit Movie Analysis “Ladder 49” Ladder 49 grabs you instantly on the opening scene, a warehouse is on fire, and people are trapped on the 12th floor. The main actor, Jack rushes into the building with his

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  • Extraction of Caffeine

    Extraction of Caffeine

    Experiment no. 3 Extraction of Caffeine from Tea Leaves Dalangin, Yonnalyn Desierto, Tricia* Diaz, Luis Estella, Karhen Department Biological Sciences, College of Science, University of Santo Tomas Espana St. Manila 1008 Group no. 5 2MB Date submitted: December 13, 2012 Abstract The experiment shows the process in which a natural

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  • Extraction of Caffeine from Tea Leaves

    Extraction of Caffeine from Tea Leaves

    Extraction of 1,3,7-Trimethylpurine-2,6-dione from Thea Sinensis Angela Maye J. Gelit, Mirsadhe Gail T. Gonzales, Dana Marelli L. Hipolito*, & Milchan Mike E. Juico Department of Psychology, College of Science, University of Santo Tomas, España Boulevard, 1015 Manila, Philippines Abstract Caffeine is a xanthine alkaloid compound that acts as a stimulant

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  • Extraction of Dna from Calf or Hog Thymus/isolation of Yeast Rna

    Extraction of Dna from Calf or Hog Thymus/isolation of Yeast Rna

    Extraction of DNA from Calf or Hog Thymus/Isolation of Yeast RNA I. Abstract Nucleic acids may be divided into two groups RNA and DNA. DNA contains almost all the genetic information while RNA serves as the bridge between the DNA and proteins. Study of both DNA and RNA initially involves

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  • Extraction of Light Trapped in Special Structured Luminescent Thin Films

    Extraction of Light Trapped in Special Structured Luminescent Thin Films

    Extraction of light trapped in special structured luminescent thin films Group discussion 3rd May 2014 Group members: Barbara Brudieu, Lucie Devys, Prof. Thierry Gacoin, and Gu Rong 1. INTRODUCTION After almost two months’ internship, with a great help of Barbara and Lucie, I eventually manage to synthesize the DBR and

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  • Exxon Oil Spill

    Exxon Oil Spill

    Oil spills have often occurred too many times in this world. Unfortunately, when this does happen, there is always losses of life. Many people are affected by it. There is always a price to pay. On March 24, 1989 the Exxon Valdez oil tanker spilt all its oil into the

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  • Exxon Valdez

    Exxon Valdez

    At four minutes past midnight, on March 24, 1989 the Exxon Valdez crashed into the Bligh Reef located in the northeastern part of the Prince William Sound. The ship was loaded with 1,264,155 barrels of oil. Approximately one-fifth of the cargo was spilt into the sea, which totaled to 11.2

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  • Facemasks and Hand Hygience to Prevent Influenza Transmission

    Facemasks and Hand Hygience to Prevent Influenza Transmission

    With the recent outbreaks of more severe cases of influenza such as H1N1 and Swine Flu the media has done a great job at showing the general public how vulnerable we as a society can be to viral infections. Viruses that just decades ago had no possibility of crossing the

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  • Fact, Not Science Fiction

    Fact, Not Science Fiction

    What the world needs is fact, not science fiction. we have enough problems of our own to deal with, we don't need to worrry about different worlds, aleins and disasters that may not even happen. science fiction is a waste of time. Science fiction is something we hear about day

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  • Factors Effecting Enzymes

    Factors Effecting Enzymes

    Factors Affecting Enzyme Action The activity of enzymes is strongly affected by changes in pH and temperature. Each enzyme works best at a certain pH left graph and temperature right graph, its activity decreasing at values above and below that point. This is not surprising considering the importance of *

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  • Fall Risk Factors

    Fall Risk Factors

    Patient safety is one of the nation's most imperative health care issues. A 1999 article by the Institute of Medicine estimates that 44,000 to 98,000 people die in U.S. hospitals each year as the result of lack of in patient safety regulations. Inhibiting falls among patients and residents in

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  • Famous Biologist - Gregor Mendel

    Famous Biologist - Gregor Mendel

    Report : Gregor Johann Mendel was born to a German-speaking family on July 22nd, 1822 in the small agrarian town of Heizendorf, Austria. He was the second child of peasant parents Anton and Rosine Mendel. At a young age, Mendel worked as a gardener where his love for plants and

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  • Famous Primatologists

    Famous Primatologists

    The closest living relative to humans are primates. The study of primates and their behaviors is primatology. Primatology provides a better understanding of the many aspects of the research, preservation and conservation of primates. The field of primatology has been fortunate to have several outstanding scientists, among them Jane Goodall,

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  • Faraday's Law

    Faraday's Law

    PHY 2049 Faraday's Law 1) ABSTRACT: Relative motion between a magnetic field and a conductor are needed to create a voltage within the conductor. For current to flow the conductor must be a complete loop, if not the current will not flow. 2) THEORY: Faraday's Law ( V =

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  • Farming: Subsistence: Rice Growing in India and Commercial: Rubber Plantation in Cambodia

    Farming: Subsistence: Rice Growing in India and Commercial: Rubber Plantation in Cambodia

    Farming Agriculture is the process of producing food, feed, fiber and other products by the cultivation of certain plants and the raising of domestic animals. The practice of agriculture is also known as "farming". There are many types of farming. They can be classified into many groups. The groups are

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  • Fas and Its Effects on Society

    Fas and Its Effects on Society

    Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) is a pattern of mental and physical defects which develops in some unborn babies when the mother drinks too much alcohol during pregnancy. FAS is the leading known cause of mental retardation, surpassing both Spina Bifida and Down's Syndrome. However, not all children with FAS have

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  • Fast Food Nation

    Fast Food Nation

    Fast Food Nation Eric Schlosser is the author who has written about the fast food industry and he presents many of his findings in the book "Fast Food Nation". However, his book is not merely an expose of the fast food industry but is even more a consideration of how

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  • Fats and Oils: Soaps and Detergents

    Fats and Oils: Soaps and Detergents

    Exercise No. 10 FATS AND OILS: SOAPS AND DETERGENTS I. OBJECTIVES: • To examine properties of fats and oils • To prepare a sample of soap and to examine its properties. II. EXPERIMENTAL RESULTS A. Solubility Observation Cottonseed oil Lard Water Insoluble Insoluble Alcohol Slightly soluble Slightly soluble D.

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  • Faulty Experimental Design

    Faulty Experimental Design

    The following article was published by Reuters and contains a serious methodological flaw. "WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- Brain scans show that the brains of people who are lying look very different from those of people who are telling the truth, U.S. researchers said on Monday. The study, using functional magnetic resonance

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  • Fdg


    Title: Hypothesis: Data: Mass of Aluminum: 0.23g Mass of Filter paper: 0.85g Mass of Filter and Copper: 2.97g Mass of copper: 2.12g Percent Yield: 2.23/27*3/2*63.5= 0.23g 2.12/0.811*100=262% Observations: As soon as we put the sheet of AL into the Chlorine solution. The Cl started to form little air bubbles. The

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  • Febrile Seizures: What Every Parent Should Know

    Febrile Seizures: What Every Parent Should Know

    Febrile Seizures: What Every Parent Should Know By Herbert Macomber 1. What is a febrile seizure? Febrile convulsions (FC) or seizures (FS) are clonic or tonic-clonic seizures that most often occur in infancy or childhood, mainly occurring between four months and six years of age, with fever but without evidence

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  • Federal Funding Stem Cell Research Would Greatly Increase

    Federal Funding Stem Cell Research Would Greatly Increase

    December 4, 2001 Federal Funding Stem Cell Research Would Greatly Increase Magnitude and Quality of Research Generated Human stem cell research holds enormous potential for contributing to our understanding of fundamental human biology. Although it is not possible to predict the outcomes from basic research, such studies will offer

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  • Feeding Behavior of Great White

    Feeding Behavior of Great White

    This essay will take a particular case study, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and attempt to provide a brief background on its history and forces of creation. The park impacts on human and non-human species alike will also be discussed. The latter part of this essay will focus on a few

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  • Feel Free

    Feel Free

    My Feelings Taking the human metrics test made me realize what type of person I am. I didn’t think that I would be into my feelings. I am a joking kind of person. I really didn’t think the results would tell me that I would score the highest in the

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  • Feet and Legs

    Feet and Legs

    Feet and legs The structure of the feet and legs varies greatly among frog species, depending in part on whether they live primarily on the ground, in water, in trees, or in burrows. Frogs must be able to move quickly through their environment to catch prey and escape predators, and

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  • Feline Leukemia Virus

    Feline Leukemia Virus

    FELINE PANLEUKOPENIA VIRUS Virus Classification: Order: Mononegavirales Family: Parvoviridae Subfamily: Parvovirinae Genus: Parvovirus Species: Feline panleukopenia virus Also called feline infectious eneritis, feline "distemper", and feline ataxia or incoordination. Examples of other viruses belonging to the same genus as Feline panleukopenia virus include Canine parvovirus type 2, Porcine parvovirus, Mink

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  • Female Brain

    Female Brain

    "The cerebral cortex is responsible for voluntary movements, perception of sensory input and of highly complex functions such as memory, learning, reasoning and language," said Gabrielle de Courten-Myers, MD, study author and associate professor of neuropathology at the University of Cincinnati. "Males possess more tightly packed and more numerous nerve

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  • Female Mutilation

    Female Mutilation

    Female Genital Mutilation Almost every person around the globe has a different viewpoint of different subjects. One such example is that of female genital mutilation, or otherwise noted as female circumcision. Many groups of people find female genital mutilation to be sacred while another group believes it to be terribly

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