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Essay Preview: Abortion

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Some people think that money is more important than love because of the basic necessities of life (food, and shelter). But do you think why we eat and why we care about having a shelter? Think about sitting at the kitchen table eating alone, just looking at the walls. Is that really living? Aren't human beings created to share something together, learn from each other, communicate and express their feelings? Money means nothing without love.

First, love is more important than money because love has the power to solve money problems. For example, when two persons are deeply in love and one of them or both lose their jobs, a few months pass and then their savings are gone. But everyday they greet each other with expressions of their love. As the amount of food in the refrigerator decreases, their love for each other grows. It feeds the spiritually and physically. When one of them makes a cup of coffee or tea for himself, he naturally makes another for the person he loves. They encourage each other every moment of everyday, and because of this mutual support they are able to survive until the next pay check comes.

Second, love is more important than money because love can heal the human spirit. For example, if a very rich person is slowly dying of some disease can a busy doctor heal him? Not completely. It always needs some form of love, too. Nurses often supply this basic kind of human love when they gently speak to the patient, clean him, give him the medicine on time and simply show they care. Family members also are very important in the healing process for someone who is recovering from, for example, cancer. Love is the best medicine in the world. It gives everyone a reason to live, to work and to keep going.

Finally, love is more important than money because that's what Jesus teaches us. It is written in the bible, "love your relatives as yourself, and love your enemies". Jesus also, says, "don't care (worry) about what you are going to eat, or what you are going to drink, or what you are going to wear". When a rich man came to Jesus and asked him "what can I do to be in heaven?" he answered him "leave all what you own (have) and follow me as it is true to tell you that a camel entrance through a needle



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