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Science Fiction

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Under the depths of the ocean lives an abundance of life that you may have never even been aware of before. While you are up driving on the highways on your way to work, you probably don't even give any reference or thought to the creatures that are buzzing around underwater. The spot of the Mariana Trench is one that is particularly alluring. In every which direction you turn, you will spot an array of different but brilliant and radiant colors conveyed on a dozen shapes and sizes that are in no way like the one before. Flashing across the sea, there are deep purples, succulent oranges, mysterious grays, fluorescent

lime greens, and eye popping yellows all going about in their own unique courses of direction. Besides the beauteous sights of the deep waters, you will also find pleasure and delight to your ear drums. Millions of bubbles float around the heads of each of the members of the ocean family, each containing individual noises. Most of these bubbles create a fascinating melody that is pleasant for the ears, and will put the human mind into a tranquil, but pleasing coma. The bubbles that each animal produces is a way for the creatures to attract one another.

Being the deepest part of the earth's ocean, the creatures of this location are unknown to man. Even if a man wanted to travel to this location, he couldn't because it is so far and deep away from the touch of sunlight, that the human eye is not capable of detecting anything. Although the beauty of it all, among these creatures there is a serious problem just like every relationship, country, state, family and so on, seem to go through at one point or another. The spot of the Mariana Trench is a spot with an extraordinary severe problem.

There once lived creature of the Mariana Trench that was responsible for the corruption and dictatorship of the ocean. This creature was once easily identified by a dagger headed elf with a long pointed chin with bright orange facial hair, given the name of an Addanc. They could spit a type of liquid that can zap away the brains of the creatures of the ocean, and turn them into robots under their command. Once the creature has been zapped the same outside appearance is present. This liquid would take days to produce and would only become harmful to an animal if it got directly into their eyes. These species, Addanc, although once were very rare, were slowly trying to take over the ocean with their evils. They wanted to make the ocean a deadly place where only they would be in command. They made passionate whishes for all the animals to worship them and do deeds for them that no other respectable animal of the Mariana Trench would find appropriate or acceptable.

The little evil trickster elves hid in the coral reefs and long seaweed until their next victim rolls around. There they would just lurk and wait for the moment to zap another innocent creature. The worst part of all is that the Addanc produced some of the most mesmerizing tranquil bubble sounds of all the creatures of the deep, which put the other animals more easily into their trap. Once the victim got allured to its proper location, the poor animal got zapped and fell under the Addanc's command. Anything the elves told them to do, they would be sure to follow.

The Addanc took away the creatures identity, personality, mind, and ability to function as an individual. The desire of this evil creature was to turn the sea of individuality into a sea of a mirror image of themselves. This of course, is disgusting,



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