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Global Warming

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Global Warming

Global warming is becoming a very real problem, as time goes on and the situation worsens, we realize that we need to start doing something. Many people are also not informed of the serious risks involved in this tragic happening, which causes less attention. In addition, people that are not informed of the dangers of global warming will not be able to do anything to prevent it. Global warming started because of the escalation of fossil fuels during the industrial revolution and from there has just continued to worsen. It is caused because the Earths temperature keeps increasing because of the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is when greenhouse gasses or any gas that soaks up infra-red radiation in the atmosphere allow solar radiation to pass through the atmosphere. This in turn changes the climate and increases the sea level. In the long run global warming could completely wipe out many species of animals and plants that aren't accustomed to this new climate.

I think there is a parallel correlation between the knowledge that people have over global warming and what they do to prevent it. I feel like if people knew more about the damage they were really causing then they wouldn't do all this. That's why we are conducting a two part survey seeing if there is really a relationship or not. The survey will consist of two sections. The first one will ask ten questions that will help in figuring out how much they know about global warming. The second part will consist of ten more questions to see what exactly they are doing to help stop this problem. Very recently major polar ice sheets have been breaking off, which means that now the situation is starting to get extremely dangerous and causing irreversible damage.

I think Drexel should start a student oriented group that deals with daily problems and gets rid of certain factors that ruin the environment along with educating many of the uninformed students. Hopefully the group can eventually spread enough to have activities where not only students would learn about it but also many of the people living in Philadelphia. It would be crucial to the cause to not only teach the students because the more people that know and are willing to do change small things in their life to delay global warming the better it will work. With a group of students running the organization it would be easier for them to recognize problems that affect all of us. Not only do they go through the same things everyone else does, but they can also take suggestions from other people who wish to see our campus become cleaner and more environmentally friendly. Students could give their thoughts and suggestions and get more involved. I think the group would probably come up with great ideas on how to reduce global warming.

Another solution would be educating the students by having a mandatory meeting where everyone would have to learn about the dangers of global warming. Mandatory meetings would be good because many young people don't care if their polluting or endangering the environment. However, they will care once our habitat starts drastically changing. Maybe, if the students were forced to go to a meeting and required to sit there they might realize how dangerous it is to pollute. The mandatory meeting could be organized by maybe having a speaker come in and teach everyone exactly what to do to help prevent this. He could remind people to use public transportation, or maybe start carpooling with a friend.

Conserving energy is another important part of this process to reduce global warming. Maybe we can save energy by sharing appliances. Wasting energy happens all the time, and especially when living in a dorm and not having to pay for utilities people don't understand how bad this is for the environment. Years ago college students would not bring their own microwaves, televisions, printers, etc. If every floor shared appliances we would save a lot of energy through out the residence halls. Another thing the school could do is to control the temperature system, because it is unnecessary to have the heating go up that high. If people



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