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Global Warming

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abcScientists report that global warming has been escalating since the Industrial Revolution. Governments are trying to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions. With the speed of destruction of EarthЃfs ecosystem, the survival of many species, including human beings, is threatened. In order to solve this danger, we have to reduce the consumption of energy and use the alternative energy resources. If we calculate the present energy price, alternative energy must be more expensive than fossil fuels. However if we consider the negative price which is caused by global warming, this result might be different. Now I would like to propose some solutions: (1) reduce the use of fossil fuels; (2) find alternative energy resources; (3) recycle usable resources; (4) planting trees to help combat global warming. I will explain these solutions in more detail.

(1) Reduce the use of fossil fuels

Global warming is regarded as being a result of the greenhouse effect, which in turn is caused by carbon dioxide emissions. Petroleum and coal are major sources of carbon-dioxide emissions. What would happen if we conserved these energy sources? The volume of carbon-dioxide emissions surely would decrease. But how? In summer and winter, we use electricity to cool our houses or provide heat. Turn down the temperature in winter and turn up the temperature in summer. Do you drive? Why not

use the existing public transportation? These subtle things will reduce the use of fossil fuels. In reality, we already experienced a reduction in the use of fossil fuels during the so-called ЃgOil CrisisЃh in the early 1970s.

(2) Find alternative energy resources

I cannot recommend nuclear power as an alternative energy resource because Japanese people have experienced accidents and atomic bombs. However, there are other alternatives such as wind power, tidal power, and solar power. Many people believe that these are expensive. Why not calculate the cost of global warming into the expense of using fossil fuels? Which is cheaper? In some industrialized countries, those experimental power sources have succeeded as profitable solutions. If we impose taxes

on fossil fuels that will match the expenses we are going to pay to restore our planet, people will be eager to change their use of fossil fuels to new alternative energy resources.




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