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"rabbit" Analysis

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In the poem, "Rabbit," the topic is rabbits which represent children and how they can be prey for one group and play for another. In addition to the rabbits representing children, I think that the child in the poem represents a parental figure and the dogs represent people in the outside world.

This is supported in the theme which states that children should not be in such a rush to grow up because the outside world can be a cruel place. For example, "the dogs don't hate [them], merely want to / taste the cider of [their] blood, watch [their] / fur drift lazily toward October clouds / where geese infuriate them" (11-14). This is a supporting text because it shows that children won't always be treated fairly and if they are in such a rush to grow up, they could face many problems early in life because they can feel as though they do not belong anywhere. Also, this quotation is descriptive and works well in that it allowed me to paint a picture of how other people could perceive children as helpless and a form of easy bait. To them, children are not just other humans; they are a source of adventure and game. Furthermore, it says "better that you hop directly back / demand your cage..." (7-8), which maintains that if the children are not protected and sheltered by their parents, their fate could become as bad as what is described above; they could live a life in which the end of the negative path seems endless. It is saying that the one place a child can feel safe is in or at his/her house where he/she has "... cedar chips, the water bottle full / and dripping next to wilted greens..." (8-9). It may not be the first place a child would want to go back to when he/she is in trouble but the option will always there. This house is the child's safe haven and protection from the outside world; a place to feel safe, protected, and nourished. For example, the "...children bring you apples. / They'll rub your fur and bring / another and another" (19-21). This text shows that no matter what happens the parents will be there to show care and love for their children without asking any questions. I like how the author worded the three quotes from above. They work well separately in painting images in connection to real life, but work perfectly in bringing all of the images together. Each image could stand alone, but together it makes the theme stronger and more visible to me. The poet is allowing me to pull together all of the thoughts that I am gathering from the poem and paint a clear picture of what I perceive he/she wants me to think about.

In the beginning of this poem, I believe the tone is sad and frustrating. I am getting the feeling that children are helpless. For example, "rabbit you can forget your dreams / of outfoxing dogs" (2-3). They no longer know how to live each



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