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Was Henry Viii a Successful King?

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Essay Preview: Was Henry Viii a Successful King?

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Was Henry VIII a Successful King?

In the following essay I will be showing my thoughts about Henry VIII. My verdict is that he was a successful king when he ruled England. Why? You may ask to find out read on.

Henry VIII had many advantages when he rules England. One of the points I will discuss, is going to be Henry's self-image. Also Henry's success in conquering other countries/land was very strong to. In addition he was well-educated which he knew what was going on. What's more that he was very wealthy.

As I have already mentioned that Henry was well educated. This would therefore means that he could speak many languages which as a result of would he could communicate with many different world leaders. As he knows many languages he was able to negotiate with other kings and queens. He also knew about certain subjects which could also create allies with countries.

His self image played a role to make him one of the success Kings of England. I think that Henry was Ð''Big-Headed.' The expression big-headed refers to when a person acts as if they are it, thinking they are the best and when they think they are number 1.

Battle was one of England's strong points in the Tudor times. Henry took advantage of this and used the army to invade many countries in order for him to own more land. He was successful when he conquered Wales as her created better negotiations between the two countries. He made Wales, more or less, like England as he got rid of Welsh law and replace it with the English law. When he had created better negotiation he created the Ð''Union' which helped England stay closer to Wales. On his way to being a successful king he defeated Scotland.

Henry VIII was a very wealthy man. We know this as he lived lavishly as he ate very well. We can also tell he lived lavishly as he had built many palaces all over England. As he lived his life in luxury his people realized that he had the money. Money in Tudor times meant power. With his money he bought personal clothing army's amour. This would also mean more power equipping his army. Moreover he would make his army stronger with better armour.

To conclude that he was one of the greatest English Kings as he lived the life how he wanted to live life. He gained more land which showed more power. In this



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