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Last update: April 30, 2016
  • The Theme of Madness in King Lear

    The Theme of Madness in King Lear

    According to the Paperback Canadian Oxford Dictionary, to be mad is to be "insane" and to have "a disordered mind." Throughout King Lear, there are several different characters who one would question if they are in an orderly state of mind. The Earl of Kent, Edgar, the Fool, and King Lear all portray varying degrees of madness. Some have alternative motives behind their madness while others are simply losing touch with reality around them. The

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    Submitted: March 7, 2011
  • King Lear Assignment

    King Lear Assignment

    King Lear Assignment 1. Betrayal, Reconciliation, Authority versus Chaos, and Justice are different issues or themes that Shakespeare presents to his audience and asks them to battle and wrestle against. The first issue is the betrayal of the king and of Gloucester, and the reconciliation between them and their loved ones in the end, and the authority versus the chaos in the city on England and finally the Justice issue in which both the bodies

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    Submitted: October 6, 2010
  • Role of the Foll in Shakespeare's "king Lear"

    Role of the Foll in Shakespeare's "king Lear"

    Alison Dew Explore the role of the fool in King Lear. In Elizabethan times, the role of a fool, or court jester, was to professionally entertain others, specifically the king. In essence, fools were hired to make mistakes. Fools may have been mentally retarded youths kept for the court's amusement, or more often they were singing, dancing stand up comedians. In William Shakespeare's King Lear the fool plays many important roles. When Cordelia, Lear's only

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    Submitted: November 7, 2010
  • King Lear & a Thousand Acres

    King Lear & a Thousand Acres

    King Lear & A Thousand Acres: The Storms That Loom Within Our Lives By D.Dadds World Literature English 206 May 2, 2004 Dadds 1 Thesis Statement: The similarities that have been revealed in King Lear and A Thousand Acres are havoc, turmoil and dysfunction that so many families have been plagued with for centuries. There have been many movies made in the last century that have remarkable similarities to movies and plays made decades ago.

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    Submitted: November 26, 2010
  • Shakespeare's King Lear

    Shakespeare's King Lear

    Shakespeare's King Lear William Shakespeare's King Lear had downfalls in character which later on caused him to suffer extreme consequences. if anyone knows the true meaning of suffering it is King Lear. King Lear's downfalls are his pride, selfishness, and blindness to truth. Pride as one of Lear's first downfalls, in the beginning Lear disowns his lovely daughter Cordelia, because Lear is to blind to realize that cordelia loves her father for who he is

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    Submitted: December 2, 2010
  • King Lear

    King Lear

    King Lear is widely regarded as Shakespeare's crowning artistic achievement. The scenes in which a mad Lear rages naked on a stormy heath against his deceitful daughters and nature itself are considered by many scholars to be the finest example of tragic lyricism in the English language. Shakespeare took his main plot line of an aged monarch abused by his children from a folk tale that appeared first in written form in the 12th century

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    Submitted: December 3, 2010
  • Act I Notes: King Lear

    Act I Notes: King Lear

    Act I, scenes i-ii Summary: Act I, scene i Unhappy that I am, I cannot heave My heart into my mouth. -Cordelia speaks these words when she address her father, King Lear, who has demanded that his daughters tell him how much they love him before he divides his kingdom among them (I.i.90-92). In contrast to the empty flattery of Goneril and Regan, Cordelia offers her father a truthful evaluation of her love for him:

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    Submitted: December 19, 2010
  • Tragedy of King Lear

    Tragedy of King Lear

    The Tragedy of King Lear King Lear is a tragic story by William Shakespeare is a story of a man King Lear and his decision that led to his fate and the fate of others. With every tragic story comes a tragic hero. The tragic hero of the story is King Lear. According to the definition of a tragic hero one must be born into nobility, endowed with a tragic flaw, doomed to make a

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    Submitted: December 29, 2010
  • King Lear by William Shakespeare

    King Lear by William Shakespeare

    King Lear Summary The play, "King Lear" by William Shakespeare, starts with noblemen Kent and Gloucester having a conversation and the audience finds out that Gloucester has two sons. Edgar who is his heir, and Edmund his unimportant son. This info. leads to the mini-plot. Then, Lear enters to say that he is going to end his life's tasks and problems. He then points to the map, he tells the people there that he will

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    Submitted: January 10, 2011
  • King Lear

    King Lear

    Through the course of the play, King Lear goes through a process of attaining self-knowledge, or true vision of one's self and the world. With this knowledge, he goes through a change of person, much like a caterpillar into a butterfly. In the beginning, King Lear's vanity, and the image and exercise of power dominate his person. But a series of losses (based on his own bad decisions), a "fool" of a conscious, a powerful

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  • King Lear - Family: A Medium for A Betrayal

    King Lear - Family: A Medium for A Betrayal

    "Love is whatever you can still betray. Betrayal can only happen if you love." (John LeCarre) In William Shakespeare's The Tragedy of King Lear, characters are betrayed by the closest people to them. The parents betray their children, mostly unintentionally. The children deceive their parents because of their greed and power hunger. Their parents were eventually forgiven, but the greedy children were not. Parents and their children betray one and other, and are only able

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  • King Lear

    King Lear

    Coursework, King Lear In Shakespeare's King Lear, Lear changes dramatically from Act 1, scene 1 to Act 4, scene 7. Lear. On the surface, starts with a simple and detached character which we cannot feel emphatic for but we start to emphasise with Lear as we learn more of his character and we feel sympathetic towards him when we find out that those he trusted betrayed him. While in the first scene, Lear is

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    Submitted: February 4, 2011
  • King Lear Vs. the Stone Angel

    King Lear Vs. the Stone Angel

    It has been said that, "Rivers and mountains may change; human nature, never."( This is a quote that can be deconstructed when examining William Shakespeare's King Lear and Margaret Laurence's The Stone Angel. When reviewing the two books the main characters, King Lear and Hagar, are easily comparable. The first similarity becomes apparent when King Lear and Hagar are both developed as flawed characters. Secondly, because of their flaws the two characters become blind

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    Submitted: February 6, 2011
  • Artistic Form in King Lear

    Artistic Form in King Lear

    King Lear has remained one of Shakespeare's best works, and one of the best tragedies of all time, since the beginning of the 17th century; however, some early critics believe that certain elements of the story do not satisfy the criteria for a proper tragedy. The two plot elements under speculation are the subplot and the catastrophic ending. The primary focus of the story is set on the elderly King Lear, whose pride and greed

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    Submitted: February 14, 2011
  • To What Extent Do You Agree with the Idea That King Lear Deserves His Fate?

    To What Extent Do You Agree with the Idea That King Lear Deserves His Fate?

    King Lear inevitably meets his downfall by the end of the play, this happens through a combination of factors both in his direct control and through ways which are entirely out of his hands. Through his daughters disrespecting him through his foolishness over dividing his kingdom, the banishment of certain characters, unsuccessful manipulation and other methods Lear encounters madness and finally his death. From the beginning of the play the viewer can watch Lear deteriorate

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    Submitted: February 17, 2011
  • King Lear

    King Lear

    Shakespeare: King Lear intentional 3a) From the text it can be seen that Edmund has been set as one of the Villains of the play. His inexorable position as a bastard in society has made Edmund bitter and resentful, "I should have been that I am had the maidenliest star in the firmament twinkled on my basterdizing." Edmund feels a desire for the recognition denied to him by his status as a bastard. There is

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    Submitted: February 26, 2011
  • Justice in King Lear

    Justice in King Lear

    King Lear Essay Although some critics may debate and argue against this statement, I strongly stand by my belief that there is no justice in the play King Lear. Whether it be Cordelia's banishment, Gloucester's torture, or Lear's insanity, no character in this play is shown mercy. Then again, perhaps this is why William Shakespeare's works are called tragedies. Throughout his entire writing career, Shakespeare has been known to end all of his tragedies with

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    Submitted: February 27, 2011
  • King Lear Essay

    King Lear Essay

    Throughout King Lear, trust is given to characters who are dishonest and do not deserve it. For instance, Lear trusts his daughters Regan and Goneril when they tell him how much they love him. Although Lear believes he is making the right decision, he is blind to the fact that his daughters are pretending to love him in order to receive his land. Consequently, the lies that Lear is misled to believe results in the

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    Submitted: March 12, 2011
  • What Is Love, a Comparison of Love in Othello and King Lear

    What Is Love, a Comparison of Love in Othello and King Lear

    What is love? Love is the pinnacle of all emotions, it is the epicenter for life, what is the point of living if there is no love, ironically love is the cause of many a down fall. William Shakespeare has single handedly captured and embraced this necessary feeling and has allowed us to view in on it through the characters in his two masterpieces, Othello and King Lear. Three different kinds of loves explored

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    Submitted: March 23, 2011
  • The Role and Function of the Fool in King Lear

    The Role and Function of the Fool in King Lear

    Explore the role and function of 'The Fool' in 'King Lear' The Fool in 'King Lear' is a William Shakespeare creation. Shakespeare has the ability to reveal a human character with an exceptional use of language. He allows us to see more than just words on the paper; we're given a multi dimensional insight into a character. Usually his characters aren't as straight-forward as black or white, they are invariably more complex. Edmund for example,

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    Submitted: April 9, 2011
  • A Thousand Acres Vs. King Lear

    A Thousand Acres Vs. King Lear

    A Thousand Acres vs. King Lear By: Lisa Hohol Mrs. Fair ENG 4U1 Nov. 30th/06 The film "A Thousand Acres" is a reworking of the novel King Lear. Both novels contain primary themes that are common to one another, although there are some differences. The primary theme that is familiar to both is the generational struggle between the young and old. The old, who through the power they hold, end up corrupting relationships between

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    Submitted: April 22, 2011
  • Theme of Opposites Within King Lear

    Theme of Opposites Within King Lear

    Ah, King Lear, one of Shakespeare's most famous tragedies and a pox upon history students everywhere. Kidding! Anyway, while the play had a great many motifs to be considered, one of the most central was the theme of opposites. Not only between characters can we see this theme manifest, but within characters as well, as a few of them turn from people of stature to beggars and the banished, and from villains to heroes. Firstly,

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    Submitted: May 3, 2011
  • Christian Versus a Nihilist Interpretation of King Lear

    Christian Versus a Nihilist Interpretation of King Lear

    Christian Versus a Nihilist Interpretation of King Lear Traditional, orthodox or dominant views are opposed by resistant, variant, dissident, divergent, subversive, aberrant or niche ones. King Lear arouses dialectical or polemic interpretations because it, like most of Shakespeare’s tragedies is a problematic play raising complex questions without providing neat pat solutions. Until 1962, the play was presented in either the sanitised and now totally discredited Nahum Tate’s version with a fairy tale “everyone lived happily

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    Submitted: July 13, 2011
  • The Analysis of the Power of Love and Redemption in Shakespeare's King Lear

    The Analysis of the Power of Love and Redemption in Shakespeare's King Lear

    What does it mean to be 'All Powerful?' To command a nation, to have subjects obey, to stand undefeated against your foes? Many past civilizations have been claimed all powerful, indestructible, invincible, yet they have all met an end. What mortal civilizations think of as power is merely an earthly trick that simply prolongs their doom. What if the power to cause the creation or demolition of worlds was feasible? It is a heavy gift

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    Submitted: November 14, 2012
  • King Lear and the Injustice

    King Lear and the Injustice

    King Lear and the Injustice English literature contains many wonderful themes. Perhaps one of the most important themes is injustice. One can see this theme obviously in many English plays and novels. Injustice is defined as lack of fairness. Many famous characters and well-known philosophers focus on the injustice as Martin Luther King who said: "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." The admirable writer William Shakespeare writes about injustice in King Lear. Through

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