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Henry Viii

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Henry VIII

Crowned on 1509 King Henry was an athletic yet cheery man. He liked hunting and music very much. King Henry later in his years became outrageously fat. At a time he could barley become helped on his horse. The king married for love and rode, he carried the queen's colors. Under his first banner of "Sir Loyal Heart" he had a big uprising with new wives. He was a catholic. At one point the pope declared him " defender of the faith" but then he turned his back on that name and declared himself the great supreme head of the Church of England. He was very cunning and had terrible but smart strategies. Once he found a way to destroy two ministers. (M. Shlesing. Jr. Pg 13-16)

Henrys story began about 80 years ago with Henry V. he clothed himself in glory. Henry VI was a week king.

(Pg 29) On April 22, 1509 (the day after his father died) King Henry was crowned King of England. One of the first things e did was free the prisoners and offered compensate to those who had been injured by his father. When he was 18 he decided 2 have a secret nullification of the marriage of Princess Catherine. She was earlier his brother's wife. This was only one of his wives. (End Pg 30)

(Pg. 30) Catherine gave birth to their first child, Prince Henry, January 1, 1511. The year before that they had a baby girl. But she had been born dead.

(Pg. 35) On September 1513 she became pregnant for the 3rd time. But again it turned out to be a miscarriage.

Years later she became pregnant again. While she was King Henry begun to have an affair. It was one of the king's "Ladies in waiting". Elizabeth Blount was soon accepted as Henrys mistress. She was not the only rival Catherine had. Thomas Woley, and he had the Kings favor. (Pg. 37)

Catherine's fifth pregnancy on February 18, 1516 resulted in a health baby. She was a girl. He named her after his sister Mary. He was of course a little depressed she was a girl. He had wanted a son very badly. But he would still brag about how well a baby she was to all his friends. Catherine kept trying. She had another stillborn child November 1518. Finally his long time mistress Bessie Blount Gave birth to a boy. Henry named him Henry Fitzroy. (Pg 36)

Bessie was his second wife. After a three-year marriage



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