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Walmart Case

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Wal-Mart is one of the biggest Franchises in the world. Everyone whether they shop at Wal-Mart or not know the name. The company grosses over $200 billion dollars annually, averaging about 140 million customers a week. Who would think such a Rich and powerful company cannot afford to give their hardworking employees the benefits they deserve to support the families back home.

Wal-Mart opening in Middlefield, Ohio forced Jon Hunter to close down H&H hardware, after 43 years of being opened. Jon Hunter never expected to leave H&H Hardware, the family-owned business that's been an integral part of his life since 1962, when his father, Don Hunter, started the store. His business was just one of the many that closed down due to more Wal-Mart openings. Wal-Mart drives down retail wages by $3 billion dollars EVERY year. Diane Devoy who was a Wal-Mart employee for 6 years worked many days to maintain her two children but, even that wasn't enough because Wal-Mart wasn't paying her enough, they robbed her for the extra amount of time she would put in, and encouraged her to go on public assistance for her and her children. She had her children on the Wal-Mart insurance but was forced to cut it due to the high amounts she was required to pay. Diane and thousands of other Wal-Mart employees nationwide were forced to ask for public assistance. How does a multi-million dollar company allow this to happen? Promoting your employees for government assistance just because they aren't paid enough is outrageous. Wal-Mart costs tax payers $1,557,000,000.00 dollars to support its employees.

Wal-Mart should really start paying attention to their employees and concerns that they have because without the employees being happy how will the company run? Hard working parents trying to make ends meet. Having to worry about taking their child to the doctor. Simply for the fact that Wal-Mart doesn't pay them enough, yet makes insurance benefits extremely costly. $200 billion dollars annually, pay your employees what they should earn, give them the benefits they need to maintain the children, and most of all treat them like they deserve to be treated, because after all they are the ones who keep your company running.

Prior to the video I never knew the truth behind the yellow trademark smiley face. I always thought Wal-Mart was a great company, many different products to buy. Convenient to us shoppers because we can buy it all right at Wal-Mart and not have to travel to so many places. Personally I Shop at Wal-Mart frequently and I never knew what was behind closed doors. Based on what I have acknowledged about the company, I am upset at the way they go about things and treating employees unfairly. However, I will still shop here due to the fact



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