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Violence Case

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Violence is the foundation of many films, TV shows and action series. It creates suspension and interest that carries throughout the story. Most, if not all, of the best movies made include intense violence scenes or dramatic plot twists. Some feel that violence is unnecessary and that producers are able to make a top rated movie without it. But what they have yet to realize is that without violence, there would be no story. As Richard Walter explains in his editorial "In Film, Conflict and Violence Belong," not all movies need their characters to "perpetually beat out each others' brains," nor does it have the demand for "endless looting and shooting." Violence can be as simple as a couple arguing or as vivid as a car accident to create an "emotional tension" that the viewers can't seem to get enough of.

A crime, a murder, a fist-fight: all are used to launch TV and movie plots. TV and film plots begin with violence, and then impending conflict continues to drive the story. The hero is never safe. Danger is always around the corner. As the story unfolds, outbreaks of violence make sure that the viewers stay in their seats. There can't just be a one-and-done fight scene in a movie. That wouldn't be as entertaining. So, the villain is always coming back for revenge, at least two of three more times. It is necessary for certain films to have such high level of violence in order to serve the audiences that love that sort of thing. It's their niche, and it's all about satisfying that target market.

Watching violent movies can help people to release their frustrations and anger. One example is the movie Rocky. This movie is about a boxer who fights in brutal matches with a goal of becoming the world champion. The main character, Rocky, gets his face pounded on round after round and becomes a bloody mess. However, while watching the movie, viewers become so close to this character that when the fight starts to go his way, they feel as though they're the one dealing out the punishment to his opponent. Feelings like this help people to release their anger and aggression. We use violent movies as a mental gutter through which we channel our worst fears and impulses and so cleanse our emotional systems.

Some argue that violent movies cause people to commit crimes and that people who watch violent films have worse tempers than those who don't. In reality, there are



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