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Urban Planning in Civilization

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Throughout the years of mankind, many things have shaped our current cultures and societies around the world. There are many factors that have thoroughly affected all of us in the civilized world, from seemingly minor factors so long ago in history such as the invention of organized work, to big inventions like the wheel and organized councils. All of these seemingly minor factors have actually had a major impact on societies around the world. Another influential factor that has shaped our societies goes to as simple as the city's planning's and layouts. The classical age had interesting layouts to their cities that surprisingly worked throughout their period of time.

The period of time being referred to here is the axial age. The axial age was a time period in which a vast majority of our modern ideas were interpreted, such as religious and physiological ideas that have stood the test of time. That is why many of the cities that were built at the time contained a great number of colleges and scholarly buildings. This gave room for vast amounts of thinking. Another one of the great advances of the time was the advances in governmental area. The cities of that age had buildings that were specific to the governmental status of citizens. Some of these buildings included council homes, and governmental houses. Personal health was barely coming in to common consideration at the time, so it was not uncommon to see various public buildings such a baths, and bathrooms.

Commerce is another big factor that is essential when thinking of great cities. Without trade of any sort, then the city would become unknown at the world, and people's needs would be too much to handle without trading. That is why there were various markets throughout the inside of the cities' walls. Another great factor of this era was the development of personal faith and vast beliefs around the world about god. There were also a great number of religious buildings throughout the city such as temples and priest's quarters.

In conclusion, it is obvious that the axial age brought a great number of advancements throughout time. In fact, the advancements were so great that they are still being used even to this time in history. It is amazing how time brings new technological advancements and ideas that are still being used to this time. Just about the only thing different in our age is the clearer understanding of personal health and hygiene,



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