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Uni 101 - Personal Statement

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Journal Prompt #4

Prof. Godwin

Uni 101

        Since I have been at school, I have found many opportunities to engage in the activities I love. Clubs like lacrosse, photography, and many others are all extremely interesting. However, since we have been back at school I have constantly felt stressed out by the work and everything else going on. I haven’t found the time to take a breath and collect myself before having to constantly move from one thing to the next in an effort to keep up. Despite this, everyone is going through the same struggle with their school work which is why I must improve my time management skills in order to prioritize how I spend each day.

Primarily, it is very important to me that I make it to the REC at least 4 days out of the week to train and exercise. While it is difficult to motivate myself to get up and go sometimes, it is always worth it. Additionally, the lacrosse club is very laid back and social. Guys come out and play for fun which is cool cause I have played lacrosse since elementary school. Plus, there are countless other opportunities available on campus to take advantage of in order to maximize each day and the connections I can make. Other hobbies I love to participate in include swimming, skiing, writing, running, and using my computer. However, I haven’t found enough time to truly explore all my interests on campus. Despite this, including fun and relaxing activities in my schedule will help me be happier. I will be able to meet new people with similar interests that I probably wouldn’t have met otherwise. Additionally, it will keep me focused and committed to sticking to my schedule. Most importantly though, getting involved in different clubs will help improve my happiness and drive to succeed. This is because as I keep learning about subjects that interest me in my academic career, I will simultaneously foster my other passions as I work towards living my best life each day.

However, there are so many decisions to make each day that I must prioritize my goals and what truly matters to me in order to achieve the goals I set. More so, I will be able to get my school work done more efficiently which will give me more free time each day to meet people and do what I love. That is why it is so important to get my school work done first in order to make time for other activities throughout my day. More importantly, I just want to make the most of being at college by making genuine friendships and living each day the best I possibly can. There are so many opportunities for me, so I just have to push myself in order to move out of my comfort zone to hopefully establish some great connections and create some amazing memories. I am happy at this school and while some days are better than others, the future is bright. Each day, I work towards becoming a better person and by making the most of every opportunity available to me on this campus, I will continue to grow.



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