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Personal Statement

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  • THEME: Singing in the shower gives you free space to try new styles and thus, generate new ideas
  • HOOK: Describe your shower. What does the water feel like? Why do you choose a specific song? What does your bathroom/shower look like? 
  • T1: Why are you singing? Discuss why singing is important to you through images that demonstrate how you are able to relieve stress. 
  • T2: Discuss why singing in the shower is important to you. It gives you freedom to try new styles. As you are trying new styles, you think of new ideas. Provide examples of these ideas--doesn't have to be concert related. It can be related to anything! 
  • Conclude: Discuss how the idea that sprouted while were singing in the shower transformed into action.

Water flows on my skin, as it takes all of the dirt from my body. The water is warm, which makes me feel relaxed. However, what makes me feel truly relaxed is not the water, but the song I sing during the shower. My mom often asks me why I always choose the same song. My answer remains the same--not only does the specific song have beautiful melody and moving lyrics, but it also gives me space to try new styles and thus, generate new ideas.

 Singing has become a habit since I was a little child. It means something to me all the time. When I am singing, I can feel myself standing in a totally different world. No matter how frustrated I am, once I begin to sing, I can easily become chilled and have a clear mind. After a whole day’s study and work, I stand in the bathroom and ready to sing. I stand in my position, leaning on the wall and turn on the music. Gently, the music takes my voice out and flows into my heart. Gradually, all the stress runs away with the flowing water and music, turning into enjoyment and relaxation. Singing is definitely not magic, but it is magical for me.

 Honestly, singing can happen at everywhere, but singing in the shower means something special for me. During daytime, I often have little free time. Singing in the shower at night gives me freedom to do whatever I want. Thus, I often try new styles when singing that specific song. I add melody on the original one, try different pronounces on the lyrics and even change the key. Better or worse, the song becomes totally fresh after I reform it. Day by day, as I am trying different styles, new ideas spring up.



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