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Personal Statement

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While other children were listening to bedtime stories told by their parents, I enjoyed my dad’s business stories. My father is a prosperous businessman and he always shared his business experience with my sister and me since we were very young. Under his influence, I developed an interest in business. I have a dream that one day I will run my own investment bank. I am a big fan of Mr. Warren Buffet. What he said often had an enormous impact on the financial markets. I like what he said once: “It is not fun to gain money, but it is fun to see your stock rising.” Astonished by his influence, I wish one day I would have his charisma.

Students from The xx University are great leaders, thinkers and innovators. Your school encourages students to analyze problems, make decisions, and create solutions in any environment. Being the best local College that offers a business program for undergraduates, you offer more courses and electives each semester than any other business school. Among them, I was interested in the course named: “xx”. I would like to learn how to analyze market data and make sound business decisions.

I have developed the habit of analyzing everything around me since I was very young. My family always recommends that I observe and analyze problems deeply before giving judgments. They ask me to get as much information as possible and study the case carefully before drawing any conclusion. It is obvious that this practice has helped me to evaluate problems with different perspective. For example, my decision to study finance in the future is the result of analysis. I would like to develop this ability and use it in a more practical way throughout my life.

Meanwhile, I am very confident in the economics development of Hong Kong and nearby regions, especially when more and more Chinese companies get listed in the Hong Kong Stock Market. It also foretells China is getting ready to become one of the dominant players in the world business stage. No doubt there will be a myriad of business opportunities in South-east Asia in the forthcoming future. Taking Business Studies promises a good career and will enhance my competence.



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