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Tv Drama Analysis

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Jaime Sommers known as "Michelle Ryan" starring in the American science fiction TV drama series Bionic Woman is aimed at a young target audience. Her character began as a bartender but was circumstantially involved in a car accident which left her at deaths door; only to be saved from death after receiving experimental medical implants.

Bionic Woman is a classic story of girl (Jamie Sommers) meets boy (Will Anthros), boy gets girl pregnant, boy asks girl to marry him, rogue agent of boy's clandestine agency hits boy and girl with a truck, girl almost dies, and boy saves girl's life by replacing some of her blood with nanites, installing some chips in her brain, and giving her a bionic ear, eyes, arm, and legs. Then boy gets shot by rogue agent and dies - end of romance.

The show is dark, both literally and figuratively. The wardrobe is predominantly made of darker clothes and the majority of the scenes are either set at night, or in poorly lit rooms such as pubs or in the poorly lit windowless rooms of the Wolf's Creek facility. Figuratively, a lot of death surrounds the character and the storyline some examples are, Will (the boyfriend), Jamie's mother, Sarah (the evil girls) sister, along with 14 agents and 200+ victims of a terrorist plot.

Jaime Sommers is a bartender, who is the legal guardian of her little sister. After being involved in a car accident where she is hit by a truck, her boyfriend Will who is coincidentally, a nano-medical specialist replaces her legs, right arm, right eye and ear with bionic parts. After the operation she is enlisted into the Berkut Group, the creators of the bionics and secret government organization, as some sort of Anti-terrorist operative agent. Her appearance is somewhat intimidating as she constantly is wearing darker clothes and has a strong and athletic build, with dark hair, her eyes which are a pristine blue; give her a good girl effect.

The series has many examples of clichйd and stilted dialogue such as "we're going to do this on my terms... I know what I'm capable of now... you send people after me and I'll kill them all."

Jaime embodies the role of a bad ass protector of truth while maintaining the caring family girl role as the surrogate mother to her teenage sister by caring and providing for her.

"When you have a series that shows a woman



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