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To What Extent Have Science and Technology Solve the Problems of the Poor?

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Essay Preview: To What Extent Have Science and Technology Solve the Problems of the Poor?

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As science and technology advances with time, it has brought many benefits to mankind especially those those who are financially challenged. Science and technology has helped man created a higher standard of living and jobs among its other benefits. It has to a large extent solve the main concerns of the impoverished, problems such as health problems uch as polio, food and unemployment.

There are others who claim that oppose such a view as they claim that science and technology has exacerbated the problems of the poor by widening the economic gap of the rich and the poor.For exaple, the financially challenged are bereft of commodities such as the internet.This puts them at a disposition as they will not be able to acquire the knowledge and skills disposable to those who have them. Hence they would not be able to compete on equal grounds with others for job oppotunities. However science and technology has helped man establish global communication. With the establishment of global communication, countries would be able to undergo globalisation. New jobs would be created with the aid of foreign investment and in the communication sector. This helps decrease the unemployment rate and account for the concern of unemployment of the poor.

Another argument brought forth by opponents is that science and technology has brought about the drgradation of our environment. This has adverse effects upon the poor as they are heavily reliant on the environment for their daily survival such as fishing. However science and technology has a modern infrastructure whereby sanitary systems and proper irrigtion systems have convenient the lives of the poor. Water purication systems have improved the standard of living of the poor and methods such as aeroponics offer the hope to the agricultural problems face by the poor. Furthermore, advances into the field of genetic engineering and life sciences offer the solution to fmine, low rop yield and even mortality rates.

In addition, technology has enabled a higher productivity rate in the production of medicine. With the mass productin of medicine, the prices are lowered and in turn more affordable to the poor.

It is too with science and technology that we are able to have a modern transportations system. This is highly beneficial to the poor as we would be ble to transport aid such as medical supplies and food to the needy and impoverished in areas otherwise inaccessible.




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