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To Kill a Mockingbird Symbolism Essay

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o Kill a Mockingbird Essay

Why do people always want to be higher than everyone else around them, and why are they so selfish and judgemental? This was probably a very large question that ran through six-year-old Scout’s mind when she was made fun of because of her father. In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, Scout lives with her father Atticus, older brother Jem, and their cook. They face awful judgments and live a particularly hard life. In this book, “mockingbirds” symbolize the weak. Some mockingbirds in our society are people that are less fortunate than others and people that are just different from the average person.

People that are less fortunate than others and people that are living in different situations are a big part of why they are mockingbirds. The people around them assume that they themselves are just better. Take Tom Robinson for example. He is a black man that works on Link Deas' cotton fields. He was then arrested and charged for the assault of Mayella Ewell. The whole trial that he had to go through was very biased because he was living in a society with a lot of Caucasian people that had the same views as another. Tom had to face racism because his opponent was also white. "Mr. Finch?"A soft husky voice came from the darkness above: "They gone?" Atticus stepped back and looked up. "They've gone," he said. "Get some sleep, Tom. They won't bother you any more." (156) . Tom was afraid of the other people because they were being very disrespectful to him, always bothered him, and never gave him the respect that a defendant deserves.

Another mockingbird in our society are the people that differ from “average” people. When you are different, people target you and they decide to pick on you because you do not fit in. They can make fun of your beliefs, clothes, or personality. This is a very large problem that is occurring throughout the United States currently and more and more people are getting judged by others. Atticus is an example of this. Atticus is not the most wealthy, and he is made fun of because he is defending a black man. However, this case is really important to him, so he is able to block out what other people say. “You mean if you didn’t defend that man, Jem and me wouldn’t have to mind you any more?” “That’s about right.” “Why?” “Because



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